Liam Steven Haynes (@liamhaynes2017)


We have often heard of success stories in different career paths that start with a similar story. A child realizing they have a burning passion for things like acting, music, sports, painting, or a multitude of activities. With the right kind of determination and support, and their own dedication and perseverance, a lot of these children end up doing big things and reaching their goal, with no place to go but farther up a certain path. Although sometimes, luck plays a crucial role in these things happening, none of it is possible without the drive and hard work that is important to the formula for success. 

Liam Haynes is one person who stopped at nothing to make sure he would be able to make his dreams come true. From an early age, Liam realized that he and acting were opposite poles of a magnet and felt himself being pulled to it. Being obsessed with watching movies since his earlier days, he claims that is where his passion for acting stems from.

Hailing from a small rural town in Cheshire called Winsford, he knew that for him to get where he wanted, he would have to reach far beyond his home town to reach greater heights in his dream career. And with that, he started working towards becoming an actor. He quickly became one of the youngest actors who had the honor of working with the Cheshire Youth Theatre and toured around with them and taking part in plays. 

With a thirst for knowledge that he is yet to quench, Liam did not forgo a good education to become an actor. He attended Verdin High School and then Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form College. Later, he was enrolled at Royal Holloway: University of London where he pursued Drama and Theatre Studies. 

Throughout his school life, his favorite place to hang around was The Drama Studio, and he found himself frequenting it more often than any other place and ended up pursuing the dramatic arts. Liam represented the United Kingdom in the YEU (Youth European Union) but also volunteered in places that were closer to his artistic side. While he was in school, the place he found himself hovering around and frequenting was The Drama Studio, which would not come as a surprise to anyone. Aside from actively pursuing the dramatic arts, he also volunteered to teach it at the local youth centre in his hometown. When the centre was under threat of closing down, he was heavily involved in coordinating the campaigns that protested the shutting down of the building. 

When he was in university, he spent a lot of time studying experimental theatre and participated in avant-garde plays and then traveled the world to learn even more. 

It is safe to say that Liam’s undying itch for knowledge has not let him down in the least and has added to what has made him a brilliant and successful actor. In the series American Horror Story, he played the role of Nick Beggs from the British New Wave band Kajagoogoo. The series has hosted renowned actors and actresses such as Evan Peters, Emma Roberts, Lady Gaga, and many more. He also played Jack Frost on Nick Jr.’s Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, which is one of the most famous child YouTuber to date. Apart from acting, he has also shown talent in modeling having featured in Vogue Magazine as the face of Sandro Paris, and has shot national commercials, numerous Television series, fashion campaigns, and even music videos!  

His aforementioned achievements only prove how versatile and malleable he is as an artist, and having bagged major roles in 2019, he says it has been the best year of his career so far. He’s only being modest though, as the vampire movie “Demimonde”, in which Liam has the lead role, is expected to release this year! 

Liam is an extremely friendly and interactive social media user, where he updates his fans on his life. Be sure to follow him on Instagram at @Liamhaynes2017 so you don’t miss any of his future projects and announcements! 

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