Khaled Yousif (@limitedgallery)


Perfumes and Fragrances first originated from the early Egyptians, used as a symbol of luxury and nobility. They were a representation of royalty and created a distinction between the upper and lower class. Since it was a luxury item, it was not something that could be afforded by everyone. Many Egyptian royalties made extensive use of fragrances such as Queen Cleopatra and Queen Hatshepsut who sprayed them all over their chambers, rooms, and baths so that they remain perfumed – this distinction helped create a difference between the noblemen and the common men. The obsession with perfumes was so intense that the rulers were even buried with these aromas.

However times have changed and perfumes have now become more of a fashion staple, used by almost everyone all over the world. Although distinctions can still be made since a niche market is formed when perfumes become branded and the target customers are changed to the higher upper class of society. Similarly, Khaled Yousif, a successful entrepreneur observed the benefits of targeting such an audience and established the ‘Limited Gallery’ – a high-quality fragrance shop based in UAE in 2006. As of 2020, they have around six boutiques all over the country and are known as the oldest niche shop to exist in the state.

Khaled Yousif started studying perfumery in 1998 from an institution in Seattle, Washington. After completing his studies he then visited France, attending various exhibitions and visiting factories to get hands-on experience of what such a business might require. With 21 years of experience and knowledge, he now owns an extremely successful and prosperous company, aimed towards the upper class of UAE. Since it is a country greatly obsessed with fragrances, Yousif finds no difficulty in attracting his customers and potential customers towards him. Though one can not deny the impressive marketing that has played a role in the sales of his products.

The business has a website ( and an Instagram (@limitedgallery) account aiding them in e-marketing especially in the time of the current pandemic situation. Their Instagram account has a series of aesthetic photography showcasing the pretty and delicate designs of the perfume bottles. With product details as captions, Limited Gallery makes sure they put out correct and authentic information for the clientele to view.  Similarly, the website is a highly informative place where they explain the usage of every product displayed and put out company details and history to assure the consumers of the legitimacy of the products.


With a huge variety of perfumes, Limited Gallery offers an array of fragrances for men, women, and children. Each having its distinct smell and property which not only provides an essence to the user but also invokes a sense exquisiteness. The business also provides with a few home essentials such as hair mists – which acts as a healthy incense for hair consisting of oil properties to keep the hair moisturized, home fragrances – provide aromas to your homes with naturally scented diffusers leaving a soothing effect behind, body oils – acting as a healthier alternative to body lotions which not only provide a soothing scent but have beneficial properties in them and finally body splashes – a kind of a body spray but more long-lasting without being too overpowering. 

Limited Gallery is a very customer-oriented company that largely focuses on the fulfillment and satisfaction of the purchasers. Their company’s main purpose is ‘providing their customers authentic and unique items’ showing the importance given to customer services. Besides this, they try to provide people with the best of experience at their shops with a ‘no pressure sales environment’, where potential buyers are exposed to an air-conditioned area, with a mild and musky smell giving a sense of relief and leisure, employees are required to give space and time to the clients so that they can make choices and purchases comfortably.

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