Karim Saide (@automax.dxb)


Automax Group is an Automotive Dealership established in the USA by foreign investors and suppliers but based in Dubai, UAE. They have been selling cars to their clients for many years now – leaving each one satisfied. The team enjoys working on their business to grow it as much as possible. They have a strong online presence to increase their reach.

Karim Saide, a major member of the Automax Group, describes how he came to be in this industry. Ever since he was a young boy, he had a love for cars. He was known for being the child who adored toy cars – the whole family enjoyed it. As he grew up, he spent more time learning about cars and how they work. He had developed an understanding of the mechanics of cars which is how he liked to spend his time.

He always dreamed of owning different cars from all sorts of companies. He longed to drive one and be the proud owner of a Ford. When he got older, he got his first-ever Matchbox Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. He was thrilled. Everything he had dreamed about ever since he was a young child was coming true. His loved ones knew how much it meant to him and were extremely happy for him.

Ever since then, he has made his life plans revolving around cars. His passion for them led him to the Automax Group, where he is enjoying spending his time working. The Automax Group deal in all sorts of cars from different companies whether they are new or used. Their focus is on Muscle Cars which are high tech, powerful cars, Mercedes AMG, and American Trucks.

Over time, they have grown a large clientele. People trust them and their salesmen to provide the best deals in Dubai. All the team members adore cars and know their workings inside out. The Automax Group also offers to buy recent models from their clients if they are looking to sell. They offer a wide variety of services and are considered to be a pitstop for anyone looking to buy or sell their car.

Currently, the Automax Group has over 57.5k followers on Instagram alone. They are also very active on other social media platforms. They post all sorts of content on their feed and stories to make sure to target every type of individual. They put in hard work to ensure they are uploading posts every single day.

The Automax Group try to market and promote their brand as much as possible. When one visits their Instagram account, they will find that every post is related to the business. Most of their posts show off some of the latest cars in stock that are for sale. It is very easy for a potential customer to visit their page, browse, and find exactly what they are looking for.

Besides posters, they have also uploaded plenty of videos. One of their videos showcases the showroom in Dubai. It is very visually appealing, displaying cars in the best possible way. Other videos feature some of their latest cars from inside and out – so that customers get a realistic impression of the car. 

Automax Group also runs a highly successful website (http://automax.ae/). On their website, they have made sure to list down important facts such as their location, the team members, and their services. They also allow viewing of some of their car collections right from the site. They also have features like ‘chat now’ which is highly convenient for potential customers.


Automax Group is doing incredibly well in the UAE. The team enjoys their work and is delighted to be serving their customers, leaving each one feeling satisfied. In the future, they hope to grow their brand even more and expand their business. 

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