Jonatan Mengeli (@coachzworld)


Jonatan Mengeli is a professional personal fitness trainer from Congo (RDC) born in France in the year 1985. He trains in Barcelona, Spain where he is widely known as Coachzworld. Currently, he is training high-profile football players like Xavi Simons, Kheira Hamraoui, Moussa Wague, and Mick Van Buren. Recently, in March, he started working as a Nike football trainer which is a huge accomplishment for him.

Ever since Jonatan was a kid he always found comfort in playing football. Spending most of his time in the field he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional football player. He played at a semi-pro level and later played at pro level in Italy, Belgium, and England. Unfortunately, early in his career he suffered some serious injuries that prevented him to carry on his career as a football player. Even though, he was going through a hard time and felt defeated, Jonatan did not give up. He pondered over his career to figure out what he was missing. He realized he was missing a good trainer during his football career that would have helped him both physically and mentally. That is when he decided to become a trainer himself to help other athletes reach their desired fitness level. He started by training young players of his team; but to do it on a professional level he went to study in London and get certified as a personal trainer while simultaneously working with other coaches to polish his own skills as well.

Being a personal trainer to professional football players like Xavi Simons can get very tough. At just 17 years old Xavi is training more than an average player and Mengeli is trying his very best to help Xavi reach his desired fitness level. He is also helping the player mentally and to prepare him for his nerve-wracking matches ahead. Due to the current situation it has been hard to keep up the flow of the training but since Mengeli is determinant to help his clients, he found a way to train athletes from home. On his Instagram page @coachzworld he posts videos on how he is carrying out his training through video calls and even through Instagram posts. He posts about Xavi’s workout routine and his progress. Moreover, players like Kheira and Moussa are also seen on his Instagram stories and how they are all being trained regularly by Jonatan even though it is challenging to do while being confined at home. Furthermore, he posts 10 to 30 minutes workout videos for his 900 plus subscribers on YouTube so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge he has on how to stay fit. Along with workout videos he posts about his diet plan and motivates people to stay healthy.

Apart from being a remarkable fitness trainer, Mengeli is also working as a model represented by Fifth management in Barcelona. He has worked as the lead role in TV commercials for Betfair, Sportium, Wells Fargo, La Foret, Freixenet, Asics, Decathlon, and many more. He even got the opportunity to take part in a runway show for the Barcelona and Madrid fashion week with the brand Brain and Beast.

Jonatan past experiences tells how ambitious and diligent he is as a person. For two years he has trained a girl who was dealing with obesity. She was at the lowest point in her life mentally and physically. Mengeli took it upon himself to help regain her self-confidence. Several times she lost hope but Mengeli never gave up on her and continued to push her towards her desired goals. Finally, after 10 months of constant hard work and dedication she lost 20 kilograms. The experiences with Mengeli inspired her so much that she decided to leave her job and become a fitness instructor like him. 

Being ambitious and devoted towards what he does makes people around him feel motivated. He constantly inspires people to stay focused and to keep working on themselves. He believes there is always room for improvement in a person and they should focus on believing in that instead of giving up on their goals. 

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