Foyez Jitu (@itsfoyezjitu)


Being different is good! It doesn’t matter what or who you are. Those who are different are those who change and shape the world. No two people are ever the same. Everyone is Unique and that is the best thing ever because no one would ever want to exactly like someone else. To stand in the society if you think differently is not easy but some people embrace their talents and differences, strengths and just live their own life the way they want to live it without having to worry about being judged by unimportant people. Some people dare to stand against society and to live up to all the crazy standards put in place by modern society. They set their standards and take advice from their heart. 

Foyez Jitu is one of those who followed and listened to his heart and set his standards. Born in London, he is a 19 years old British Bangladeshi battling for gay rights in the community. He is one of the UK’s youngest LGBTQ+ Rights Activists. Also a young independent filmmaker. It is difficult to have a different sense of identity and belonging, and obviously, it is not easy. His battle against society is not limited to one region. Foyez stood up for rights that matter to him and been battling the LGBTQ+ Rights within the South Asian and Muslim communities. 

Being a Muslim gay, a lot of struggles presumed in Foyez paths, he faced betrayal within his community as well as outside for being different and explaining that people like him exist and feel the same way as the other does. Besides Foyez knew that there was a huge struggle to talk about the taboo topics, he continued to create awareness that gays do exist and there should be more conversation about this topic. 

It is the rule of life, that if we want to be heard by others we have to speak and raise our voice. Foyez chooses film making to deliver his views and thoughts. He continues to make awareness about gay right through the film. He wants to be professional in this and thus he is currently studying digital film at Ravensbourne University London. Education is also something Foyez is very grateful for as it helped give him his freedom to be openly gay and build something for his future. After graduation, his hopes are high for his career building in the film making. 

Foyez pictures project is the prove of Foyez’s hard work. “Closeted Gays”, a journey of a young man in accepting who he is as a gay man, is the short documentary he had recently made. A Muslim charity called Hidiayah, whose sole aim was to help Gay Muslims struggling with there faith and sexuality to find a place where they can put both together, showed support by featuring his film. The Documentary featured on their website and YouTube channel. Foyez is also trying to raise awareness about mental health issues that arise in the community. Under the flagship of Foy pictures, he also made a motivational video named “Never Give up” encouraging the people. Another short film “Rest in peace” is also his incredible creation which shows his film making skills. As a graphic designer, he also creates and designs a range of things like adverts, short films, illustration, branding,  logos, websites, brochures. 

Being different always welcomes struggles but above all, it shows you that if you stand with high hopes world turns to you. All the negativity also brings the hopes of positivity with it. If you stand firm and believe in you, people also believe you one day or another. Although, Foyez received many negative comments from the people who are against people’s freedom of choice but in the same way he also received so much support from individuals from within the Muslim community and they have also shown huge support to his work. In the end, one should be proud of being himself, there may be a few bumps in the road, but they will pass soon enough. If you are struggling to find a confidence booster, follow Foyez Jitu @itsfoyezjitu for some motivation and make this world listen to your music and soul. He also runs a youtube channel and does his best to engage his more than thirteen thousand subscribers. Making this world a better place to live and breathe. 

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