Fabio Sica (@fabioseek)


The world of today is all about virtual presence; this is the time where not being active on social media means one misses out on a lot of great opportunities to showcase your talent, promote your business, and make a name for yourself. Hence, current times are the ones where social media influence and reach matters. Individuals with a considerable fan following on social media and, therefore, greater influence over their audience are referred to as influencers, or social media stars or bloggers. Influencers usually use their online platforms to either promote their own start-up or talent and also promote favourable products and other small businesses; they are given compensation for it. Being an Instagram celebrity is not an easy task. There are tons of emails to respond to, content to create, and collaborations to plan; thus, having a manager is a must. There are companies and people who work especially for this very reason.

Fabio Sica, born and raised in Italy, works as an influencer manager. He runs a business company that aims to focus on influencer marketing. Influencer management is no easy task. Manager’s need to be on their toes at all times, to ensure everything not only runs smoothly but also avoid scandals and other possible things that could tarnish the influencer’s career. They have to be on a constant lookout for key bloggers and social media stars to develop relationships. This is why it is important for the manager to be active, up to date, and vigilant. With a good manager, an influencer can develop a quality advertising campaign that would prove advantageous to both parties. 

Fabio has worked with many influencers in his career. His responsibility is managing and ensuring everything is running smoothly for his clients. No one directly reaches out to the influencer but their managers for any work-related enquiry; it is always the manager that is contacted when someone has any queries for the influencer. Fabio’s job is to manage the influencer’s marketing strategies, keep a lookout for their matching brands and other fellow influencers who they can collaborate with. He is currently managing one of Italy’s most popular beauty influencers – Adriana Spink. Adriana is a beauty influencer with over 300,000 followers on Instagram and Tiktok and over 700,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. All of which would not have been possible with a learned manager who makes the most out of Adriana’s talent and optimizes her reach to the public eye and other high-profile social media stars. 

Adriana’s and Fabio’s relationship is not strictly professional; not entirely platonic too. But the manager client duo is intimately involved with each other. Fabio’s Instagram account aside from having quirky images of himself from his travels has quite a few romantic photos of Adriana and him being super cozy with one and other. It is almost inevitable to get romantically involved with someone who accompanies you everywhere and is there to support you throughout every major or minor step of your career. Thus, Fabio’s and Adriana’s relationship is not much of a shocker; they continue to be each other’s backbone and love each other relentlessly.  

All in all, while it may seem like things have become easier because if the availability of social media platforms, that is not exactly the case. Competition has quadrupled as well. There are countless bloggers and social media personalities out there, therefore making your name shine is not an easy task. One needs to make sure they are strategic in the way they promote themselves and plan out collaboration and other business tactics. This is why having a manager is not only advisable but more of a necessity – to ensure an influencer reaches their optimum.

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