Dena Elmasry (@denaelmasry1)


Working in the field of aesthetics is very demanding, and requires a person to maintain positivity, ambitiousness, and professionalism as strengths. For a client to have an enjoyable experience, it is important that an esthetician creates a positive environment and maintains professional boundaries. Such an esthetician who provides her clients with nothing but positive energy and a wonderful experience throughout their treatment is Dena El Masry.

Dena El Masry is an esthetician and a professional makeup artist who is based in Chicago, United States. Dena goes by the username dena elmasry on her YouTube channel which has over a hundred thousand subscribers. Her video uploads are met with thousands of views, likes, and comments from a number of her subscribers. In her videos, Dena talks about multiple beauty products and elaborates on her experience with many famous brands. Apart from makeup, she also explains the pros and cons of numerous skincare products such as hair masks, face masks, and serums. 

Her videos cater to a large number of skincare enthusiasts, including working and home-based women. Some of her videos feature quick makeup hacks feasible for working women, which would help glam up their everyday look. Some of her makeup videos are also inspired by the popular makeup looks of celebrities. One of her makeup videos inspired by the famous Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has over 2.5 thousand views! The video features the esthetician providing her viewers with a step by step guide to achieving the desired look. It starts off with the application of a primer and goes all the way to the final look. Dena always mentions every single product she uses in her videos in the caption section. Additionally, she also helps facilitate her viewers by providing the links one can follow to purchase the products in the fastest possible way. 

Along with celebrity inspired makeup looks, Dena also reviews makeup products by numerous brands. One such brand is the ever so popular cosmetic brand called ‘Huda Beauty’. In one of her videos, Dena can be found reviewing the famous mercury retrograde eyeshadow palette from Huda Beauty. Her views and thoughts on beauty products are strictly her own, and she speaks from her own personal experience. Her thoughts and reviews are not influenced nor sponsored by any of the brands she talks about or uses in her videos. Dena’s videos are met with a lot of positive feedback from her followers. The esthetician draws motivation from the love and admiration she finds online and responds promptly to all the feedback in the comment section.  

Makeup lovers and skincare enthusiasts can also follow the popular esthetician on social media. On Instagram, Dena goes by the username @denaelmasry1. At present, she is followed by over 116 thousand followers and has a total of 285 posts to her name. The highlight section of her Instagram profile also features quick and simple makeup looks that one can apply in a short time every day. For people who prefer makeup that is very simple and not too bold, the makeup artist has you covered. One can view natural and minimal makeup tutorials on her Instagram platform, which is a one-stop solution for all of your makeup needs. 

In addition to running her YouTube channel and social media account, Dena also has a blog to her name. She helps people understand the use of numerous skincare gadgets to their advantage. One such gadget she features on her blog is the dermaroller. In her video, she explains viewers the proper way to use the instrument to achieve the best possible results. 

Dena is extremely passionate about skincare and became an esthetician to assist people and help them take better care of their skin. She hopes to get in touch with a large audience and spread her reach far and wide. Social media gave her an opportunity to do so. Starting off with only a few followers, today Dena is followed by over one hundred thousand people on multiple social media platforms. 

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