Alshati Bourji photographers (@alshati_bourji)



Mohammad Alshatti and Bilal Bourji are successful photographers from Lebanon who are based in Kuwait. Alshatti and Bourji’s work is heavily inspired by the fact that they travel and make it their habit to make sure that they carry their cameras everywhere they go so that they never miss an opportunity to capture the perfect shot. Alshatti and Bourji have grown into their field so much that they now have their own studio where they continue their work. This does not mean that they have stopped learning and stick to a certain type of photography but are always open to new ways of learning and exploring all there is to in photography.


For both, Alshatti and Bourji, photography has not been a hobby for a long while now. For what started as a hobby, they have successfully developed their interest in a fully-fledged career for both of them. They both initially found themselves interested in photography when they started photographing and publishing little things from their lives on their social media. Their work became popular and saw great interaction from their audience to a point they started gaining a much larger audience than they originally head. Having a bigger audience and receiving positive feedback and admiration for all of the content that they were publishing, Alshatti and Bourji collectively decided to turn their hobby into a full-time profession for themselves. Now, they continue to develop it and expand their little world of photography they have created.

Since they have delved into the world of photography, they have put all of themselves into learning as much of photography as they could manage. During that process, they came into contact with a lot of unique and interesting stories that they did not expect at all. One of the most exciting stories that they recall is that when they were just sitting together in a café, having coffee, they noticed that a group of people was looking at them and talking about them. It was a while later that some of the people came up to them and mentioned that they love their work. This incident touched Alshatti and Bourji deeply as they could see in person some of the people that they have touched with their work. While all the praise they receive is largely over social media, this put it in real-life terms and gave them a chance to meet some of their followers in real life.

Despite the level of success that both, Alshatti and Bourji, have achieved, they have not become any less humble than that they were before the start of their photography career. They firmly believe that no one should underestimate anyone else and that they hope no one else reduces the ability of anyone else. They understand how important it is for humans to encourage and appreciate other human beings with whatever they do to make sure people remain motivated to be creative and progress further in their respective fields. Alshatti and Bourji both believe that the world desperately needs more of such positivity as well as creativity that can be brought on from it. 

Alshatti and Bourji’s Instagram page focuses on a variety of different styles of photography as they jump from travel pictures to casual ones to professional studio pictures. Their variety is also visible from the different places they have photographed at. Until now, they have shared their extraordinary work from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, The Bahamas, Miami, and Dubai among other top locations. Their progress and expertise are visible through just a scroll on their Instagram page. One can follow their work on Instagram and join their 25k followers on their Instagram at @ashati_bourji or on their Facebook at @mohammadalshattiQ8y and @bjb787 or on Snapchat at @Bilal_27. 

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