Alexandria Ramirez (@yaaaschef)


Alexandria Ramirez is a professional chef born and raised in Los Angeles and has been a staple of the Arts, Music, Cannabis, and Food scenes since early on. Chef Ramirez is not only known for just her cooking but also for her fame on Instagram. This is to such a degree that she has been featured on shows such as Entertainment Tonight as well as other hosts’ secret pop up dinners in and around the Los Angeles area. Chef Ramirez surely does not restrict herself to just cooking as one can often find her at a good concert, hosting a dinner party, teaching people how to cook or anywhere where there is fun, good food, and good music. Despite her busy lifestyle and full hobbies, she also is working extremely hard on several of her projects which include her cookbook, a radio show, a brunch pop up residency, and an online show among other projects. 

For Chef Ramirez, cooking was the dream career since the start. It was through her grandmother that she started gaining an interest in the culinary arts and cites her as one of the largest influences on her work. As soon as Chef Ramirez was old enough to stand on a stool in her grandmother’s kitchen, she began cooking. It was also in that kitchen that she learnt that she just had a natural talent for cooking as whatever she cooked simply tasted amazing. Knowing this, Chef Ramirez went on to join other careers to try out things but eventually figured out that cooking would be the perfect career path for her and that being a chef was all she wanted to do. She states that she feels that it is in her blood. Her growth in the career is remarkable. From being a girl who would help her grandmother sell tamales to their neighbours to being an adult woman starting her own food business and brand, has been huge and Chef Ramirez makes sure she credits her grandmother for every piece of success that she comes across. 

She now is a seasoned professional chef with more than ten years of experience. She also is completely experienced in the arts of savoury cooking, desserts, and special dietary needs including gluten-free, vegan, paleo, whole foods, raw foods, etc.

Having as much of an eventful career as she has had, to Chef Ramirez, some of the best memories she has made so far was when she was booked for some of the most unconventional gigs. It was through these gigs that she got to travel a lot. For one particular gig, she was booked to cook for a whole tour in Alaska. It was also there where she had to forage for ingredients and had to catch and cook fish from a glacier river whilst also building a fire herself to cook it on. this introduced her to the art of cooking outdoors which she now loves a lot. Nothing compares being in the middle of nowhere, catching a meal, cleaning it yourself, and then cooking it over a fire under the open sky. To Chef Ramirez, it is not only that but the fact that when you cover all the steps of cooking, you learn to respect food as well. One would respect the food they eat if they knew what it takes for the food to get to the plate. 


Chef Ramirez also teaches classes on cooking to help more people learn the art behind cooking. Her love for cooking expands so far that she calls cooking everything that is in her life, she lives and breathes food. She also describes her cooking secret to be the love and passion she makes sure to put into her cooking. Chef Ramirez is launching her very own business soon. To follow her and her upcoming projects, one can follow her at the Instagram handle @yaaaschef. 

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