Abigail Jones (@iamofficialskye)


Abigail Jones is an extremely popular social media influencer from New York, having around twenty-three thousand followers on her Instagram. She also has an adequate amount of fans on various other platforms dedicated to promoting herself such as Youtube, Twitter, and SoundCloud. Besides being an influencer she is also an entrepreneur, hip hop artist, and activist, juggling all three equally despite being an extremely busy individual. Born and raised in Jamaica until the age of 18, she is a passionate young woman who has not forgotten her roots and integrates it into her professional life. At such a young age she has managed to achieve quite a lot and does not plan on stopping just yet. 

Affiliated with countless businesses, Abigail has stepped out of her comfort zone and put her feet into many diverse areas to make herself big. She is a very well known individual, even more so amongst the celebrity community, thus makes use of her extremely friendly and outgoing personality to bring customers to ‘5StarStays’ (@5starstays) – a traveling agency that provides luxury traveling facilities to people. She acts as an agent between the customer and the business, making it an easy and comfortable experience for both. Due to her impressive communication skills, she has no trouble approaching people, encouraging and guiding them to a trustworthy and reliable service business that provides the best to its customers. 

Jones is also a very talented young rapper, frequently producing and releasing music on her social media. Nonetheless, achieving this dream was not easy. People criticized her Jamaican accent and taunted her rapping skills due to her race. However, there is a reason why Jones is considered a role model for young girls. She slowly and gradually realized how special she was, overcame her insecurities, and showed the haters how marvelous she is at what she does. Jones soon started releasing music with her first single ‘Big Bank’ being broadcasted in 2018. She then released another single called ‘Jungle’ in 2019, her music was an instant hit which her fans greatly enjoyed and streamed often. People started giving her attention due to the upbeat and groovy music so far as to being surprised knowing she was Jamaican due to her perfect pronunciations and accent. 

Abigail Jones also manages an Instagram account called TheExoticsPlug (@newyorkexotics), they are an independent event managing agency. Providing services such as renting products (cars, locations, props for prom and weddings), and arranging video shoots + photoshoots. They have some of the best quality services and products which are super accommodating and easy to work with. Jones is also affiliated with ‘TheWigZone’ (@thewigzoneofficial) – a business involving grooming of wigs and natural hair. They supply the best quality wigs which are 100% virgin and suitable for all skin types (do not cause allergies). Aside from wigs they also have exceptional hair products available on their website from straighteners to curlers, they have everything related to body hair care. 

Aside from her business endeavors, Jones never fails to take time out of her very busy schedule to take part in charity work. Being a very hospitable, humble, and generous individual she has been partaking in helping the less fortunate in her community since her school days.  Due to her charitable personality, she has been seen volunteering and supporting the deprived quite often. Abigail started this habit from her hometown as a way to learn respect and tolerance for everyone around her and then later developed it into a regular practice.

Jones has always been passionate about music and traveling as seen by her impressive achievements. Not backing down or giving up she is an idol for young girls all over the world. She teaches her followers to be proud of who they are and to not let strangers block their paths because one can achieve whatever they want if they have the will to do so.

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