Virginiah Vassell (@iamqueengena)


Passion drives people. It sounds like such a simple statement but so many of us are unaware of the connotations attached to it. Passion doesn’t just motivate people to create things and to be productive in life, it takes control of major life decisions. Passion plays a part in every intrinsic detail of our life. And perhaps the most captivating passion is that of art- art tends to take over everything and since the idea is so abstract, it forces people to make themselves comfortable within themselves before they can create something. Thus, with art you have to be in the right place, the right mind, to create something. 

Music is one of those elements of art that drives its creator to a journey of self-expression and makes them take control of their life. One such example of a musician whose life was dictated by her passion- music- is Virginiah Vassell. 

Virginiah Vassell was born in October 2002 in England, however, at a very young age her family moved to Jamaica and she moved with them. Most of her childhood was in Jamaica, and throughout her younger years, the call of music was deafening. She was entranced by music and thus started practicing on her own. She was attracted to the genre of rapping and trained herself to be quite good at it. However, she knew that she wasn’t getting inspired where she was also aware that the scope for rapping was highest in America. She knew that the most success she would achieve would be in the United States thus she made the choice to migrate there in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since!

Part of the identity is the name, and while Virginiah had nothing against hers, she wasn’t as attached to it as she wanted to be, and thus she made the decision to take upon a stage name. The name she adopted and became known by is ‘Queen Gena.’ The name itself has an interesting and personal history to her- it was a name that her mom used to call her by. Since she had been called Gena by her mother in her childhood and was also referred to as Queen Gena or QG by her friends, she decided to take the step and use it as her stage name!

Gena has multiple passions- her sole talent isn’t just rapping. She raps but also writes her songs as she relates much more to them and can truly express herself through her lyrics. Aside from that, she is also an actress and is looking for the chance to prove herself in that avenue as well. However, currently, Queen Gena is best known for her unique rapping style. Her style has been noted by many of her fans who appreciate her freestyle rapping. Her audience enjoys her rapping and remixes and is entranced by the unique flow and rhyming scheme she adopts in her songs.

Her most famous work till now has been a remix she produced that became instantly famous! In 2019, she produced a short clip remix Drip too Hard which was by Lil Baby and Gunna. Aside from that, the independent artist was also appreciated by the single she released in 2019 ‘Running Up Freestyle’, which became her most streamed song! In short, 2019 has been the highlight of her career, however, her journey is still ongoing and she’s producing better music every time!

Queen Genna has multiple platforms she operates to interact with her fans. Being an independent artist, she depends on her fans for her success. She has a good rapport with all of her followers and interacts with them constantly. She is active on her Instagram @iamqueengena, her Twitter @iamqueengena as well as her Facebook @iamqueengena. There’s no doubt in our minds that we’ll be hearing more news about this British musician!.

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