Srikanth Sharavan (@sreecant)


This article introduces you to a multi-talented and multi-dimensional person whose name is Srikanth Sharavan.

Srikanth Sharavan is a business-minded person. He has been inclined towards being a business person since his childhood and owing to his interest, he has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Vignana Jyothy Institute of Management and has been doing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Torrens University Australia. Besides pursuing his higher studies in Management Sciences he has been working in retail stores and has been able to build some great customer service. He intends to expand his business and wants to promote online marketing because online business will make him capable to reach the maximum customers worldwide. According to him, his interest in online business developed when he started receiving many offers from the online marketplace.

In addition to this, Srikanth Sharavan trusts his abilities and believes in hard work because he is well aware of the fact that those inclined towards doing business can never succeed in this field without burning midnight oil because the successful business requires one to keep working and striving hard and never shun one’s struggle. That’s why Srikanth Sharavan keeps working day in and day out to be a successful business person in the days to come. The most interesting thing about him which is worth appreciating is that he is thinking of promoting and developing his business alongside pursuing his higher studies which are the most difficult job and most of the people at this age can never handle more than one thing simultaneously but by managing both his studies and business at a very young age, Srikanth has astonished his friends and family. He leaves no stone unturned to achieve his set goals and has always been focused on his destination. He has been a diligent student too and holds a good academic record. He is committed and dedicated to chasing his dream of becoming a successful and well-renowned entrepreneur.

Furthermore, Srikanth Sharavan believes in being optimistic and focuses on the positive, bright, and happy moments of life. He never wants to be surrounded by conservatives and pessimists because he himself being an open-minded person loves to be in the company of like-minded people. He avoids paying heed to negativity because he is conscious of the fact that those who are overwhelmed by negative views can never get what they want in their life. After all, Negativity around them will not only discourage and demotivate but will also distract them from their path to success. Additionally, Srikanth loves playing sports and enjoys every moment of his life. He likes spending his time with his friends and family. Besides this, he is fond of traveling, and in this respect, he agrees with the saying of Gustave Flaubert which goes as, “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

Apart from this Srikanth Sharavan has got a loving heart and caring soul and this can be witnessed from the fact that he is philanthropic and humanitarian who does not afford to see people suffering from hardships and that’s why he donates from his earned money to the poor and needy every month. Besides helping needy he is in the favor of animal liberation. His love for animals and selfless and unconditional services for humanity has made him a lovable and adorable person. Despite being busy in pursuing his higher education and chasing his dream of becoming a renowned entrepreneur, Srikanth Sharavan has become able to manage his personal, professional, and social life successfully. He is found active on a social media platform. Owing to his strong social networking and communicative skills, he has been able to amass hundreds of followers on his Instagram account. Through his account, besides promoting his business he keeps updating his followers about his lifestyle and daily activities. More can be learned about this talented young man if he is followed on his Instagram account, the link to which is given below:


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