Rachel Mason (@rachelmasonmusic)


Art is a language that is universally understood. It is an outlet for one to truly express themselves. And music is one of the most important forms of art. It provides a platform for people to make their voices heard. Music has guided humanity through the darkest of times. It has provided hope when there was only hopelessness and defeat. Musicians have been catalysts for change since the dawn of time. A Musician’s ability to move hearts and touch souls is unparalleled. The language of music knows no bounds, it isn’t limited to any borders. Musicians hold the extraordinary power of uniting people all over the globe through their art. Rachel Mason is no different. This extremely talented individual has been captivating the hearts of audiences through her unique style all over the world.

Rachel Mason is definitely not a new name in the world of music. This skilled veteran has made a name for herself in the music industry through her unique and engaging music. Rachel is a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter. Her distinctive style and enthralling style have helped catapult her career to unimaginable heights. 

Rachel’s undeniable talents have opened many doors for her. In 2017 she has given the honor of being part of the expert panel of judges for Sky Television’s award-nominated series ”Sing: Ultimate Acapella” where she worked with industry giants such as Midge Ure, Gregory Porter, Reggie Watts, and The Vamps. But the list doesn’t end there Rachel has also shared her expertise as a judge on world-famous music competitions such as World Choir Games, Masters of Show Choir and The Voice Festival. Rachel has also showcased her incredible songwriting skills as a judge on The UK songwriting contest. 

Rachel Mason’s extraordinary vocals have made her “The coolest thing to happen to vocal music”. Her unique vocal abilities have gained her high acclaim from audiences as well as her peers. Her music is melodic and catchy yet thought-provoking at the same time, unlike anything we have ever heard before. She has the prodigious ability of captivating audiences with her songs. Rachel’s awe-inspiring talents have allowed her to break through the brass ceiling and make a name for herself in the harsh environment of the music industry. She is one of the most well-respected members of the music industry. Rachel is also one of the only women who run their own record label. Rachel’s incredible accolades are the attainment of her hard work and dedication.

Manson believes that as an accomplished singer it is her duty to give back to the community. Which is why she provides aspiring artists with vocal coaching. She has taught some of the biggest names from the west end theatre. Rachel is a humanitarian and leads by example. She volunteers for multiple charities and has gained the acclaim and praise of Prince Harry and many others. Rachel is an ambassador for WellChild which is a charity that provides care and assistance to seriously ill children and young people in the United Kingdom. 

Rachel is the definition of a supermom she has managed to build a successful career while being a mother of two. After giving birth Rachel became a victim of postnatal depression, luckily she managed to power through it and overcame all the obstacles life threw at her. Rachel is an ambassador for women with issues regarding mental health. She gives songwriting workshops to help women through the recovery process. Rachel also works with families that have suffered baby loss and help them work through the grieving process. Rachel Mason’s incredible humanitarian work is undoubtedly praiseworthy. 

Rachel’s ability to overcome difficulties and power through hard times is truly inspirational. Rachel’s unbelievable journey is evidence that hard work pays off. Her story of success is proof that if one faces the challenges life throws at them head-on, nothing can stop them from achieving greatness. You can keep up with Rachel’s work by following her on Instagram @rachelmasonmusic or you can also visit her website rachelmasonmusic.com.

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