Eric Elliot (@ericmelliott)


For any business, be it on a large scale or home-based, the foundation for a successful venture is good marketing skills. Not just for businesses, but any company, firm, website, or service provider is sure to require a top-notch marketing plan to promote their work and their area of expertise to gather an audience who will be aware of what they do. Sometimes, a company’s marketing team isn’t enough or does not have enough reach, where an external marketing team or company comes in and saves the day. 

Eric Elliot is someone who realized that there was a need for companies or firms who would be able to provide these services with the best quality and results, so he got to work. Having obtained his Associate’s degree in Marketing from Trident Technical College in South Carolina, he already had the know-how and the qualifications needed to take on a challenge like this. Fortunately for Eric, the word quit was just not in his dictionary and he decided to apply the knowledge and experience he had received from his education to pursue a challenge like this.

As a result of putting in endless hours, energy, and every drop of blood, sweat, and tears Eric had, he formed VIP Marketing in 2010. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, his company encompassed everything he had learned and known about marketing and advertising. Standing for “very important placement”, his company’s philosophy is that every organization deserves a chance to market themselves the way they deserve and should be given an “important placement”, which makes the name VIP marketing extremely fitting to what he believes in. VIP Marketing worked together with businesses in hopes of getting the results they needed in terms of the attention that they required to grow and propel themselves into their respective markets.VIP Marketing saw positive results by collaborating with their team and producing quality promotional content that included video production, designs, analyzing media, and distribution plans. 

Having a solid base, Eric was able to propel his VIP Marketing to great heights, soon establishing it into a national advertising company. Operating for over a decade now, VIP Marketing has become a force to be reckoned within the industry and in 2018, was titled the leading marketing and advertising agency in the United States by the research team at Clutch. 

With the immense success of VIP Marketing, Eric felt he needed the means to refine his marketing and advertising plans, and decided that a design element should be added to add visual appeal to his work. Thus, in January of 2015, VIP Marketing’s sister company Craft Creative was formed which boasted a talented and qualified team to handle all things related to producing video content, cinematography, and graphic designing. Having visual aid in ads was something Eric felt was necessary. For this exact purpose, VIP Marketing and Craft Creative joined hands to become affiliated with each other and were able to become renowned in the marketing and advertising agency. Today, VIP Marketing proudly specializes in legal, automotive, and health marketing and has made a mark in the industry, known for being able to provide custom plans that suit any clients’ needs. 

Other than being a successful owner of two brands, Eric also is very active on YouTube and other social media platforms. He does commentary about a variety of things ranging from publications to tv shows. He is a publisher for The Legal Ad Journal and has even done interviews with some incredibly famous and sought-after defense attorneys. On a weekly basis, he speaks with entrepreneurs and business owners in a podcast he has aptly named ‘AdCast’.

Behind his work life, he is a loving father and husband and spends a lot of time with family. He posts work and family-related content on his Instagram account (@Ericmelliott) and shares motivational quotes and stories. He has a very welcoming and warm profile and encourages people to put in the effort required for success. 

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