Demek Kemp (@meek_ola)


Life is full of challenges and overcoming them is what makes a person strong and successful. Sometimes, there are obstacles in our way which prevent us from moving forward in life. It makes us wonder whether our dreams are worth fighting for. However, all these obstacles and challenges are meant to test and strengthen us. Staying focused and persistent is the key to achieve our goals. 

Demek Kemp is an American athlete and a professional sprinter. Hailing from Monroe, GA, Kemp has established his career in field and track. Competing Internationally for the United States was one of his dreams that came true. He runs 60, 100, and 200 meters as an ASICS and Oakley athlete. In 2019, Demek became a USA Indoor champion after winning 60 meters during the USA Indoor Athletics Championship and setting a personal record of 6.55 seconds. Kemp has been a running fanatic since his high school days. Being a student at Monroe Area High School, he actively took part in extracurriculars and received many individual awards. During the US National Junior Championships in 2013, 17-year-old Demek won the long jump, was second in the 100 meters and sixth in the 200 meters. He also took part in the 2015 US Junior Athletics Championship. 

In order to learn to fly, one has to dream big and commit to their true passion. Running was Demek’s passion. He majored in Industrial Engineering Technology from South Carolina State University. After completing his graduation in 2019, Demek pursued his passion. Fitness plays a vital role in a sprinter’s life. Intense strength training and stamina and muscle building require great efforts. Being a sprinter, Demek is also a fitness enthusiast and works out regularly to stay in shape. Recently he has also started sharing his workout routine and giving sports and fitness instructions on his Instagram. Physique, strength, power, speed, and spirit are a huge part of Kemp’s life. 


In 2019, Kemp made another record of 10.03 seconds in the 100 meters which were the nation’s top time for that season. It was also a new record at the USC which was broken after more than 15 years and thus, a matter of pride for Kemp. Being a two-time All-American sprinter has helped him in reaching new heights. In January 2020, Demek won the men’s 60 meters in the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix and also set a personal best record of 6.50 seconds. Demek was in seventh heaven after winning it not only because of his new record but because he won after a tough competition. Former two-time 100m world record holder and a Gold medal winner at the Rio Olympics, Asafa Powell was knocked out by Demek. In 2019, he also organized a fundraiser to raise money for his track career. The amount was used to cover his traveling expenses for the USATF Indoor Championships and the 2020 Olympic Trials. To turn his dreams into reality, Demek is focused, determined, dedicated, and working hard to become a champion. With his efforts and intense training, the 24-year-old is making his way to the Indoor World Team and The Olympic Team. 

Leisure activities are extremely important for one’s mental wellness. It not only reduces stress but also helps in keeping the right balance in life. Personal training, drawing, making music, and playing video games are some of his favorite pastimes. Demek had a patella rupture injury two years ago. However, he fought back and didn’t give up on his dreams. His perseverance to reach his goals is what brought him to where he is today. The injury was a major obstacle on the road to his dreams but he remained strong and focused and did everything to overcome them. People around him are a source of great motivation for him. For Demek, his father is his real mentor, coach, financial advisor, and a true inspiration. Demek strives for more success by following his passion and will continue to make history. 

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