Chelsea Hoffman (@chelseahoffmanofficial)


In fields where many others have tried and have barely succeeded, Chelsea Hoffman of the United States thrives and remains a prominent and extremely knowledgeable figure. Hoffman has successfully diversified herself into strong positions across numerous industries. She had a fierce passion for studying the psyche of serial killers and elements of crime cases since before she was a teenager – this fascination eventually leading to her grand success. To highlight a few of her many accomplishments, Chelsea is a globally acclaimed author of true crime novels, the creator and host of the podcast True Crime Beat, a true-crime expert herself, and the owner of OmniaFerox news commentary blog.

Hoffman is primarily known as an independent author of true crime novels, having written close to a dozen books on both fiction and non-fiction. Chelsea does not write for the faint of heart, yet instead for the reader looking to delve deep into the mind of a master criminal – searching for a semblance of a sound mind and trying to understand the fundamental nature and purpose of the criminal. Her bodies of work are undoubtedly world recognized and sought after by hordes of fans. When recounting some interesting events through the years, Chelsea details how Charles Manson once sent her a postcard from prison! Another standout memory of hers is when her “Free Charlie Ely” campaign was successful in her being freed from prison – thanks to Chelsea’s brilliance and prominence. 

To add to this, Chelsea has published thousands of articles across her decade long work in the industry. Chelsea impressively has five diplomas relating to a true-crime under her belt, including diplomas in fundamental science, the human skeletal system, and mental health studies. She also has over twelve certificates from the National Institute of Justice including certificates on Investigating Sudden Deaths, Missing and Unidentified Person, and Bloodstain Documentation – just to name a few! Reading her lengthy and impressive resume, it becomes clear why she is considered such a respected and wanted expert on True Crime. Thus, globally trusted publications like Medium, the Huffington Post, Inquisitr, and I, Medusa all have looked to Chelsea for consultation and guidance on related matters as well as invited her onto several on-air appearances– like her on-screen interview about the Hannah Anderson case on Fuji Television, Japan.  

Moreover, Chelsea has expanded upon her true crime empire by meeting the demands of fresher audiences that prefer to consume information and entertainment through different and changing ways like podcasting. Chelsea’s podcast “True Crime Beat” – previously known as “Case to Case with Chelsea Hoffman” – has been revived after a three-year-long hiatus with a fresh and enticing reboot. She airs the weekly podcast live every Tuesday at 10:00 pm PST. Hoffman loves to interact and engage with her avid listeners as she encourages them to call in during the podcast and add to the discussion or freely ask questions. Each episode is meant to creatively impart facts and knowledge, offer up commentary on current true crime topics, and provide ambiance for an exciting and addicting listening experience. Besides her podcast, Chelsea is the owner and operator of OmniaFerox – her online blog related to news reports, true crime, missing people, and commentary on hot topics. 

Chelsea is also a very keen social media user. Her Instagram, with over 10k followers, is filled with a range of images that allow a better understanding of Chelsea’s personal life and mindset. While scrolling through it, it is clear to see Chelsea loves to indulge in the creative arts as her hobby of choice, through creating colorful handicrafts, abstract portraits, and personalized jewelry. Simultaneously Chelsea enjoys playing with makeup and showing off her unique and vibrant looks, as well as post about her adorable dog “Buster”! Over on her twitter with over 3.5k followers, she generously informs her fans on true crime facts and mysteries, as well as gives her two cents on current trending conversations like the global pandemic or the Black Lives Matter movement in her home country. To follow along and absorb more of Chelsea Hoffman’s expansive true crime expertise, her social media can be followed. The links are provided below:

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