Bryan James (@bryanjamezz)


Some people find success early in life, while others have to go a long way to reach their goal. Few people are born with the ability to be great at more than one skill, and it’s commendable to them that they put in the effort and time to emerge that successful in any profession. Most people nowadays invest in one hobby or passion to reach their height in that, however, there are still those people who dip their hands in multiple options and excel in those. One of those rare few prodigies is Bryan James.

Bryan didn’t have the most stable childhood when he was growing up. His early years involved a lot of moving around and he traveled all over the state from one edge of San Francisco to San Diego. However, he had one constant with him wherever he went, and that was his passion for theater. He practiced his craft wherever he moved and thus learned to depend on it both in good times and bad times!

His career started when he moved to Hollywood where he joined the Ivana Chubbuck Studio and took his first role in Mystery ER. He continued to rise in his career and other successful short films including Revel without a Cause. Though to most people this would’ve been all the success they dreamt of, this was just the surface of what Bryan would go on to achieve!

Bryan’s biggest career achievement is the project he is currently working on. This project is the labor he started in 2016 and has reaped many benefits since then. Bryan drew inspiration for this project from his childhood days which were predominantly filled with his theater and television interests. He was enamored with Beverly Hills 90210 and thus the project he ultimately worked on, Youthful Daze, is inspired by that very show!

Youthful Daze is the product of a lot of hard work and dedication that Bryan has put in over the years. He started making it in 2016 and the web series was originally released on the popular streaming site, Vimeo! The storyline Bryan produced was unlike that found in typical shows and instead focused on a character struggling with a split personality disorder. The show introduced sensitive topics in a way that made them easier to absorb and its popularity depicted how well it was received by the public when it premiered in February 2016!

The most brilliant and surprising thing perhaps is that Bryan not only created the series but also acted as the main lead in the show that was so well received by the public! Since its premiere, he has won many awards and nominations for his work. The highlight of it was perhaps when in 2016 Ricky Hearst, one of the actors, earned the shows first Daytime Emmy nomination. The success doesn’t stop there! The show has been featured in various magazines- soap opera digest, ok magazine, as well as the daily mail- as well as various others. They have also been invited to various film festivals and Bryan was nominated as the best actor at the LA Web Festival!

The show has already produced 5 seasons and is currently in the pre-production stages of the sixth season which is set to premiere in early 2021. The show has also gained enough popularity to have its own host site which has made it easier for fans to keep up with news on the drama and watch it easily! Updates on Bryans can also be found through his social media accounts including his Instagram @BryanJamezz and his Twitter bryanjamezzz.  

At such a young age, Bryan has already achieved so much so there’s no doubt that the upcoming season of the drama will be up to par to the usual work that has earned him an Emmy as well as other acclamations! People all over the world are looking forward to more content from him and we’re sure he won’t disappoint.

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