Brock Storm (@gothgrey)


In the course of history, music has been the greatest creation by mankind. Music allows creativity to take place in its purest and undiluted form. Music has now become an important part of many lives as it is a way of expressing feelings as well as emotions. It lets people escape their reality for the time being and helps them relieve stress. Music can calm people down, make them feel happy, and lets them enjoy the present. Most people feel at home with music. Many people all over the world don’t only listen to music but enjoy making it as well. For this purpose, we have artists who dedicate their lives to making and producing music. Brock Storm is one such artist. He has made a name for himself in the music industry as the number of his fans continues to grow. 

Ever since he was a child, Brock has aspired to become a doctor. The medical world fascinated him as he wanted to learn more about the human body. however, things didn’t go according to his plan. There was a moment in his when he started losing his very close friends to suicide. That was the darkest moment in his life. At the same time, his family life wasn’t that great either. During this hard time, music was his only companion as he found a passion for music. He realized that music was the only thing that allowed him to express himself when he needed a way to say some things. Eventually, Brock decided to pursue music as a career. He was talented and was musically blessed. Now, Brock has established himself as a successful singer, showing that no matter how hard things can get, one can always get through with. He wants to spread this message all across the world. 

Brock has worked on a lot of music which he has released on several streaming platforms. He has had over 3.5 million streams. Not only this, but music has provided him with the opportunity to work with renowned platinum producers such as Better Off Dead, Fish Narc of GothBoiClique, Rawska, Lukrative, Lil Tracy, and many more to come. The first song that he released was called “Red Drop Shawty Remix”. The song was produced by Charlie Shuffler. He has then gone on to work on other songs including “Anarchy”, “I’m Fine”, “In Another Life”, and many others. His fans love his unique take on music. Brock’s songs are not only pleasant to the ears but they are also very meaningful. Currently, he is working on another single titled “All I Want” which he will be releasing soon. Fans all around the world anticipate the release of his new music and are constantly asking him to work on more songs. 

Apart from all the streaming platforms, Brock also maintains a very active presence on Instagram. He posts very artsy pictures of himself in black and white. But he gives those pictures a unique touch by adding some color. Colors like red and orange seem to be his favorite as he features them the most. Brock also posts about his personal life so that his fans could get to know him better. He is also always posting snippets and teasers of his upcoming music to create a hype for it online. With his music updates, he lets his fans know what to expect from him. For more updates, people can follow him on Instagram at @gothgrey.

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