Ashly Thorn (@ashlybthorn)


GODLUST, which was previously known as ASHESANDGOLDLUST is a very popular Pop/Rock Band that was formed in the year 2013. Of the members of the band is Ashly Thorn. Ashly contributes his excellent vocals to the band. In addition to being a vocalist for the band, Ashly is also featured in the group as a keyboardist and guitarist. Of all the musical instruments, Ashly enjoys playing the guitar the most, as it helps him express a part of his soul.

Ashly Thorn’s love and passion for music are what encouraged him to form his own Pop band. He not only loved music but also had a deep understanding of the meaning behind the lyrics and the emotions that were attached to it. Ashly named the band by smartly incorporating two different words that felt very important and personal to him. The first part of the band’s name ‘ASHES’ was taken from Ashly’s own first name. The second part of the band’s title, ‘GOLDLUST’ was inspired by a number of things. Of the many factors, the song ‘Goldlust Woman’ by Stevie Nicks and the song ‘Gold Dust’ by Tori Amos is what inspired the second part of the band’s name. Ashly adored the ethereal meaning behind the name of his band. However, at present, the band is known by its new name GODLUST. The new title hailed from a typo the singer often made while writing his old band title.

One of the band’s popular releases is the song ‘On a Summer’s Day’. Ashley had written the song as a poem and later added electronic music to its background to make it sound like what it does today. Another very popular song by the band is ‘Malicedusa’, which was titled as ‘Someone Like You’ at first. The title of the song had no significant meaning but was one Ashly just came up with. Of his new songs, ‘Color All of The Roses Black’ holds a much higher meaning for Ashly.

Ashly writes his lyrics with raw emotions and integrates multiple perspectives in his music. He considers himself to be a person full of mixed emotions. His music ranges from EDM to rap to the country in the genre. Ashly finds beauty in all genres of music and feels that it shows one’s love for music. The music produced by Ashly is greatly influenced by the popular rock band called The Cure. In the future, Ashly hopes to collaborate with Natalie Merchant.

At present, Ashly Thorn resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ashly had always wanted to bring to the music industry something individual and unique, without having the intention of creating music for the sole purpose of selling. Though profiting off one’s art and skill in music are beneficial, Ashly feels that the restriction that comes with the process contributes to losing the true essence and meaning of music.

Ashly Thorn really enjoys working in studios and recording his music. However, if an opportunity presents itself, Ashly looks forward to performing live in front of a large audience. The thought of finally meeting his fans and interacting with them is what deeply excites him.

Ashly can be followed on various social media platforms. He goes by the username @GODLUST on Facebook and as @ashlybthorn on Instagram. Ashly has a very large Facebook following of over 5.5 thousand people. His social media platforms feature the latest and upcoming projects that are positively received by his audiences. On Instagram, Ashly is followed by over 61 thousand people! The highlights section of Ashly’s Instagram profile features both his old and new music releases.

Ashly pours his heart into his work as a singer and musician. He has a very positive approach to life and feels that one must not be discouraged due to people’s false perceptions. Singing and creating music has been Ashly’s passion ever since he was a young boy and would often perform in front of his neighbors as a child. Ashly picks up motivation from people’s appreciation of his music, which also makes him feel accomplished. Today, his love for music has grown immensely and is something that he would love to continue to pursue in the future.

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