Tiam Farokhy Nia (@tmabeats)


TMA is currently the largest music producing duo in the Scandinavian country of Sweden. it consists of the two childhood friends, William and Tiam, while they predominantly go by their stage names of Willow and T respectively. Since their adolescent years, both Willow and T realized their fiery desire for the creative arts, and more specifically for music. TMA is now a nationwide powerhouse music production group having made an unforgettable name for itself, as well as earning numerous accolades, awards, and recognition.


The pair started off making music on a small scale in their teenage years and would frequently visit their local recreation center to do so. Quickly realizing the fulfillment and joy they received from making music, dreams, and hopes of pursuing this labor of love were planted and started to flourish more and more, while the idea of not being able to make music became truly unthinkable. Slowly but surely the duo started gaining notoriety and recognition in their city. TMA at the same time made the brilliant decision to get in touch with and started to produce for Sebastian Stakset, one of Sweden’s largest hip hop musicians at the time. This coupled with the gaining fame propelled TMA into Swedish spotlights, as they were known and desired nationwide as hip hop producers. The pair started producing hip hop music at a rate never before with more and more artists, including YasinTheDon, 24k Music and Rickyy Rick, just to name a few.

Moreover, the dazzling duo has released numerous singles including Willow – På väg and Jaffar, N – Skuggornas Dal, that have earned gold, platinum, and multi-platinum. This means a single receiving gold has sold over 1,000,000 units while platinum is double the number! For the self-made and self-established pair of friends to have achieved such unimaginable levels of success and fame in such a short time, it clearly shows their extreme star potential and talent coupled with strong and unwavering drives to succeed and have fun while doing it. Their single För er also became a billboard hit as it debuted at number 2 on the Sweden Top 50 and became number one on the Swedish billboard.

To add to this, TMA has launched its independent record label and signed its first artist, Nineb Youk, who has gone on with the help of TMA to also stream Gold and Multi-Platinum singles. The duo which came from a small town in Sweden even made a prominent appearance on the largest Television channel in the country – Nyhets Morgon TV4, performing live with Sebastian Stakset. As the pair continued to evolve, they decided to fly to Malibu, CA in the Us to write a song wit on of LA’s famous songwriters, Nitanee Paris. The song which came to be known as Worlds Away by Bo Henrik was then released under a major record label in Northern America. Subsequently, TMA submitted two songs to the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden and are currently working with publishers from this year’s Eurovision winners “The Mamas” (Merion Music). TMA is also busy creating its debut album which will feature numerous artists such as YasinTheDon, Dreelow, and Ns1Einar along with many others. On this, they have said, “We´ve been working very hard on this album and we’ll soon launch the project on both Instagram and Facebook”.

Lastly, the duo is very active on Instagram and has amassed over 7.5k followers. Their posts include lively images and videos of themselves with friends, fellow famous artists and producers, their luxurious travels and elite vehicles and cars, as well as their off the cuff freestyle raps and upcoming releases. One gets a laid back, authentic, and fun-filled energy from TMA’s Instagram as a result of the raw and real nature of it. To keep up to date with new music and albums in addition to their funky and charismatic personalities of the dynamic duo, their Instagram is to be followed, with the link provided below:


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