Shamarria Brooks (@missolganics)

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As the health and fitness community continues to grow, so do the various feasible options required to maintain a bright and healthy lifestyle. With a large number of people moving over to the organic foods sector with a more environmentally conscious approach to growing crops, there’s been an observed surge in people altering their diets to vegetarianism and veganism, and going for naturally rejuvenating supplements instead of factory manufactured ones.

Shamarria Brooks is one of the people who have dedicated their professional careers to this environmentally driven, eco-friendly cause. Owner of Solganics LLC., Shamarria is a business owner, medical school student, celebrity holistic practitioner, and a therapist. That’s a lot of achievements under the belt for someone who has to juggle work with education.

Solganics LLC. is a company that produces products for rejuvenation of the human body, mind, and spirit through natural means. Their ingredients are organically sourced and distributed, implying the company’s consciousness for the preservation of the environment. Products available through the company include but are not limited to cell rejuvenators that help with weight loss, decrease inflammation, and increase oxygen intake to the cells; Superfood Sea Moss extract which combats anemia and prevents iron deficiency by increasing the production of hemoglobin; and the Cosmic Immunity Defender which helps strengthen the immune system, therefore preventing the buildup of excessive harmful substances in the body’s system, ejecting them out at first notice.

Shamarria is very transparent about sharing the list of ingredients in her products with people. She frequently posts about the organically grown, locally sourced ingredients that are important for the effectiveness of her products. This is an admirable and credible trait of business, being confident enough to share the details of the products people will be buying. This is a level of customer care that every brand should aspire to achieve.

Speaking of confidence, Shamarria frequently posts about her fitness routine, what she consumes in a day, how she prefers to work out, etc., all to maintain a healthy mind and body. The pictures are accessible to everyone wanting to have a reference for their daily workout routine. You can easily follow along comparing your diet and lifestyle to Shamarria’s and implement changes accordingly.

As far as talents go, Shamarria has a not so secret hidden talent for food photography. Her experience with veganism is carefully documented through a series of beautifully composed photos and descriptions of meals that are sure to make your mouth water. Adopting a diet may be easy but maintaining it is incredibly difficult. However, with Shamarria’s picture catalog, it’s hard not to become a vegan yourself, the pictures are so stunning.

Besides posting about her daily routines, Shamarria also posts travelogues about her trips. These vlogs are posted through video snippets on her profile and they are a delight to watch. Shamarria also frequently takes into account her followers’ wishes, posting about her life as a medical school student, the inspiration for her brand, important life advice on how to live happier and healthier, etc. Her method of counseling is incredibly therapeutic and easily accessible to everyone.

There are people in the world who work hard to make it a healthier, safer, cleaner place. By adopting an environmentally conscious approach with her brand, Shamarria has done what others could not manage to keep up with. Solganics is, therefore, a brand everyone should check out for its connection to the environmental cause. For this reason alone, we wish Shamarria all the best for her upcoming endeavors in the future. The world needs more brands that are sensitive to natural causes. To find out more information regarding coaching on better living, eating, and conserving standards, be sure to check out Shamarria Brook’s brand Solganics and her personal Instagram profile: @missolganics.

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