Rucci’s Gym (@ruccisgym)


The sport that compels one to test and go beyond their energy and limits and gets to the core of one’s basic athletic ability is powerlifting. Weight lifting has been an official sport in the Olympics since 1896. The modern sport of powerlifting held its first official meet in 1964 in the UK and the USA and since then, many feats have been achieved by people who have become legends. It was also included as a sport in the Paralympics since 1984.


Rucci’s gym is an elite coaching service and gym that specializes in powerlifting and strength training. Founded by Dan and Paul Rucci, the two brothers and their team of experienced trainers have coached more than a hundred weight-trainers from beginner to expert levels. Their clients have gone on to compete in and win many powerlifting competitions held by different federations. They started off in 2010 as a small-scale garage gym where a select group of people came together to train and was rebranded to the original Rucci’s Gym in 2018. It grew to become one of the best equipped Powerlifting Gyms in not only Australia but even the world. They boast an excellent team of training coaches and health professionals which have helped them achieve a high benchmark in weight training.

The founders of Rucci’s Gym are Dan and Paul Rucci. Dan is an experienced Powerlifter with numerous competitions under his belt and has held national and world records for his age and weight category. Paul is an experienced Powerlifting athlete and coach with a passion for competitive sport. On their team, they have strength trainers, personal coaches, and health professionals such as nutritionists.

With their core values being the provision of the ultimate gym experience to help build stronger and healthier people, the Rucci brothers focus on each client’s individual needs. As they cater to both men and women, they keep in mind everyone’s health status, past injuries, recovery, and training frequency to optimize individual and unique plans and program designs. They give weekly feedback and qualitative video feedback from a Powerlifting coach to help improve technique. They also provide digital support and reviews. Their clients have time and time again complimented their emphasis on health and stamina. The Rucci brothers don’t compromise on the physical well-being of lifters as it is their number one priority.

Education is a big part of their coaching service. During competition preparations, Dan and Paul provide their clients with knowledge on lifting and example charts on how they apply their experience-gained knowledge to each individual lifter. They give focus on the fact that in all of their years of experience, they have learned that no two competitions are the same. They inform their lifters about the principles of all the different steps of weight-training to ensure that they know the science behind everything. In this way, they not only help build brawns but also increase their client’s comprehension and expertise. Helping them reach the very core of what they are doing and improve upon themselves.

They have a friendly, encouraging environment where both coaches and other team members help them grow. And promise to increase platform confidence and hence be able to give an efficient and consistent improvement in results. 

Once you apply for their training program, they get in touch with each client personally to determine which program would be suitable for them. They offer a number of options including club membership, group training, coaching, personal training, and professional services. 

Their coaching service provides three available levels to suit everyone’s individual needs and budget requirements. The levels are bronze, silver, and gold. All three include optimum level services that promise safe techniques and efficient learning and support.

Other than their specialty which is Powerlifting, Rucci’s Gym also help their clients reach personal goals such as competition preparation, body re-composition, general fitness, strength training, rehabilitation, and sports development. On their official website, one can easily navigate through the details of their business and get in touch with the trainers. With their combined twenty years of experience and excellent client reviews, one can surely trust them with each level of personal coaching and journey.

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