Rani Majid Amer (@netflix.druglords)


The Internet seems to have taken over the world these days. Even if you’re in the remotest corner of the world, chances are that even if you can’t have access to most facilities, you will be able to find an internet connection somehow. It has transformed the world into a global village, making communication so much simpler and easier, and making the retrieval of information possible at the simple touch of a fingertip. There are both positives and negatives associated with the use of Internet resources, but the good always outweighs the bad and even more so in this situation.

Rani Majid Amer is a woman from an Arab village who is the only English speaker in all her surroundings. People have been swarming her these past few years asking about how she managed to teach herself so much all by herself and her answer is simple: the Internet. Rani has become a bit of an inspiration for the people in her village, who regard her with reverence for all the knowledge about the world she has managed to acquire. Rani in turn has adopted the role of a guide and personal counselor of sorts, coaching people on the uses of the Internet and how to manage their time with their daily routines.

Out of all that the Internet has to offer, Rani especially enjoys Instagram the most. The photo and video-sharing social networking sites have amassed billions of users worldwide since its inception in 2010, and Rani is one of the many people whose lives are directly linked with it. Rani has made three Instagram profiles all of which serve different uses for her needs. Rani sings, acts, and posts behind the scene content for her followers on her account. She offers helpful advice and guidance for people as a trainer and a coach on the other, and she researches about historical events and posts about them on her last account. Rani is an incredibly active user of Instagram and to say that her life revolves around it would not be a stretch.

Rani loves the site and it is her dream to one day receive the verification badge on her Instagram profiles. She works hard to achieve this purpose and makes sure her followers are up to date with all the happenings in her life. Rani’s perseverance and positive attitude towards life were what brought her to this point in her life, where she managed to do something no one in her village had ever done before. For this reason alone, Rani is an incredible source of inspiration for anyone who feels like they can’t accomplish their goals. If you believe in yourself, you too can achieve everything you’ve wanted in your life.

As previously mentioned, Rani loves reading about history and sharing tidbits of information about various historical events on her Instagram profile. Most recently, Rani has been very interested in learning more about the infamous Columbian Medellin cartel, a group of people who heavily influenced America’s history in the late 20th century, amassing millions of dollars’ worth of a business empire.

Rani researches for information about the cartel and shares information as well as videos and images on her Instagram profile for her followers to see. She finds that sharing interesting information about world history with people who may not know about it is a great service and informing people with facts is a truly noble cause. For this reason, it is impossible to not wish Rani all the best in everything she aspires to do, may she shine brightly in the future and achieve her goals. To find out more information about Rani, her various Instagram profiles, or to gather tidbits of information about important events in American history, be sure to check Rani Majid Amer out on her Instagram profile: @netflix.druglords.

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