Nicholas Giglio (@nickgq)


Nicholas Giglio, or informally known as Nick, is the nightlife loving mogul of the comic book and entertainment industry. Residing in Staten Island, New York City, Nick has been able to successfully diversify and apply himself across numerous industries. These industries, regardless of their lack of similarities between each other, all welcome him as a well established and prominent figure in them, when many with the same passions as Nick have been unable to do so. A seemingly common theme across of Giglio’s endeavors is his steadfast passion and dedication to each one that allows him to dive deep headfirst into them – which has come to birth for him the success that he thoroughly enjoys today.

Nick has been thriving in New York City’s nightlife scene for over a decade and a half. He introduces himself as a driven and dedicated promotional nightclub director – this is one who oversees the marketing and promotion of a club to improve the reach and popularity of the business. Surely with the many years of experience and time to hone in and perfect his technical skills, Nick is the go-to man for the job. Nicholas Giglio found himself going down this career path through his love and attraction of nightlife and entertainment. It provides a visceral connection to thrill and the lively spirit and buzzing energy of New York – the city that never sleeps. That’s what Nick cannot get enough of; the blood pumping, heart racing, dopamine surging aura of it all.

Besides this, Giglio is a comic book fanatic, as well as a lover figurines, collectibles and action figures that all relate to his comics. He has been able to merge this passion with his experienced and clear entrepreneurial skills – resulting in him owning and running online stores across multiple websites like eBay and numerous social media platforms as @ShopTheComic. The items he sells are one of a kind, vintage collectibles in mint condition that often are sold for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, resulting in a very lucrative and flourishing business for Nick. This success is so because of the extremely dedicated fans around the comic books of the Marvel and DC universe. On top of this, Nick has noticeably appeared on AMC’s Comic Book Men. It is clear that Nick has cleverly capitalized on his niche passion for comics and transformed it into well respected financial success.

Moreover, Nick’s lively “reach for the stars” attitude led him to appear on the popular and beloved televised American game show – Wheel of Fortune. The show runs on the concept of contestants competing against each other to solve word puzzles similar to the hangman, in the hopes of winning cash and special prizes. Nick made every American watching at home glued to the screen, as he went head to head in close and heated competition with another player and proved his quick and clever thinking. This again goes to show that Nick loves to step out of his comfort zone and involve himself in the thrilling and exciting experiences of life without any thought of stopping until he reaches his destination.

Additionally, Nicholas Giglio is an avid social media user across numerous platforms, showing all his good looks as well as his carefree and charismatic personality. On Twitter, with over 87.7k followers, Nick shares his opinions regarding current global situations like urging people to wear masks due to the global pandemic, as well as sharing his views on the current Black Lives Matter protests occurring in the United States. On his Instagram with over 28.9k followers, Nick shares a variety of posts. These range from his colorful and surrealistic selfies to his posts and videos about a virtual Comic-Con in 2020, to his gym and work out images. To continue to engage with Nick’s fun-loving and out of the box personality, it is recommended to follow his social media – the links being provided below:

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