Murat Kapki (@mkapki)


There was a time when all of the Internet was taken over by the very popular Turkish ‘Salt Bae.’ He became a subject of much international buzz overnight and took the whole world by storm, even being referenced in popular billion views videos like the YouTube Rewind. It’s been quite a few years since then, the popularity of Salt Bae may have gradually diminished, but everyone still remembers the legend. This is in part due to his incredible management team, run by amazing individuals and spearheaded by an equally amazing man.

Murat Kapki is a Turkish businessman, advertiser, producer, Vice Chairman of the Turkish Rugby Federation and owner of the legendary Salt Bae’s agency. If this isn’t the most impressive thing you’ve ever heard, then we don’t know what is. Murat has made quite the name for himself establishing ties among the sports and the entertainment industry, which often go hand in hand. It is interesting to see him maneuver his way through both the worlds while maintaining a happy lifestyle with his close relatives.

The Turkish Rugby Federation which oversees all related national and international rugby events conducted in the country is currently under Murat’s supervision as its Vice Chairman, and he does an amazing job at overseeing all its proceedings. It’s usually the norm for those in higher positions to not be as in touch with the minutiae of the company as those in lower positions, however, Murat is actively involved with all activities and dealings within the federation, often posting enthusiastically about upcoming and ongoing events on his social media accounts. 

Murat heads the Completo Media Agency based in Istanbul, and is very passionate about all its proceedings, frequently updating related posts on both his profile and stories section. The company aims to bring a new wave of digitization to conventional advertising by incorporating traditional elements with new age aestheticism. This endeavor is currently being carried out across large avenues like shopping plazas etc. and is soon set to be implemented across other channels.

Murat tied the knot with Feyza Gül in 2016, and now has a happy family of his own. He frequently updates posts celebrating various events and birthdays, outdoor trips, visits to exotic locations, and boat rides with his family on his Instagram account, which boasts a beautiful collection of photos and videos that are very much reminiscent of travelogues in an artistic style. For those who are passionate about traveling and finding new locations to visit over the vacations, a brief look at Murat’s profile is the way to go.

It’s difficult to find a balance between work and personal life when you’re involved with so many different projects that take up almost all of your schedules. However, it seems that Murat Kapki is one of those few individuals who have managed to find the sweet spot between the two, as he successfully moves in and out of both lifestyles. It’s interesting to note how Murat loves to surround himself with as much nature and positivity as possible since both are found to have a direct connection to the human mind and soul. It is easy to get caught up with work, however, family and mental wellbeing are of the utmost importance if one wants to stay happy and healthy for the long run.

Murat Kapki is an excellent example of those people who live their life at the moment to its fullest. His values for his profession and his family are carefully laid out and rarely do they overlap, which is something everyone can receive a valuable lesson from. To find out more information about Murat Kapki, or to just admire his amazing photos, be sure to follow him on Instagram: @mkapki.

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