Marquis Magwood (@2mycity)


One can achieve what they aim to do, as long as they are filled with passion, determination, and willpower. Marquis Kanedrick Magwood is a prime example of that. A stellar football player who took the curve balls that life threw at him in his stride and kept moving forward. In 2011, life made him face an unexpected challenge; he had a terrible car accident. For anybody else, that may have crushed any and every dream of their life. Yet, Marquis refused to let that happen. He polished his skills, worked extremely hard, and started a career in the entertainment industry.

IMDb, one of the most popular sources for accessing content pertaining to movies, TV, or celebrities, houses Marquis filmography and trajectory as an actor. He is known for movies such as Beauty and the Beholder (2018), Diva and Astro (2019), and LOVE by CHANCE (2017).  Marquis has donned a number of different hats in his career that vividly displays the efforts that he invests in every endeavor. Whether he is the date of a protagonist, the patron of a restaurant, a policeman, prisoner, or even a scientist, Marquis performs it with utmost skill and dedication, one that is visible on-screen. He has a total of 14 credits in IMDb. The demo reels available on his page display his skill as well, they show his performances in a wide variety of genres; action, thriller, romance, and even drama. Marquis directs his own films and thus, the execution of the scene is performed as well as conceptualized by him. He is the head of his production team that consists of a crew of 5 people. These are not easy roles to undertake and yet, he excels in all of them.

Marquis has a visible presence on social media; his Instagram sports more than 15,000 followers. It also shows his various projects, highlights from different events, and photoshoots for different brands. His Instagram contains a number of different motivational quotes that he uses to encourage his followers and make then realize the power and strength that each person has. Quotes such as, ‘Sometimes in life, your vision might not be as clear to others as it is to yourself. You have to ignore what’s on the outside and burst out that bubble so your talents can bloom’, ‘You have to create your own opportunities because the door will not always be open. Work hard enough so that the door can never close’ are such examples. They stimulate one’s passion and determination to change oneself for the better. Moreover, at a time when one feels down and unmotivated, Marquis’s posts provide an instant boost for one’s motivation. He reminisces about his past when he was aiming to become a sportsman, but life had other plans for him.

The entertainment industry is a tough place to be in. There is a huge demand for different kinds of content, and yet, only some projects are successful. It depends on what satisfies the audience. In order to truly make one’s mark in such a space, one has to constantly work hard, be creative, and be patient in the face of failure. There is absolutely no guarantee as to which project may work well, and which may not. And therefore, persistence is key. Marquis lives by this persistence. In order to acquire big things, one starts small and gives their all to it and he follows this principle staunchly. His persistence is evident in the wide variety of roles he has performed, in his grateful attitude towards life and in his efforts to imbibe and spread positivity. All these are essential ingredients for success; the kind of success that Marquis is no stranger to. You can follow his work on Instagram @2mycity or his IMDb page on Marquis Magwood.

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