Jhankrut Priyadarshi (@zakemusic)


Jhankrut Priyadarshi is a DJ, music producer, and artist from Dublin, Ireland who is mostly known by his stage name Zake. He has been making music for the last three years and continues to do so. The music he produces is mainly EDM (Electronic Dance Music) which is a genre that has dance and club music. It is a genre that is taking over the music industry at a very high pace and is escalating to become one of the most liked genres of all time.

Born and raised in India, Jhankrut had a mind-set of following his passion instead of becoming accustomed to the traditions that most of the kids his age fall into. He completed his studies at Infocity Junior Science College and decided to learn more about music by taking a course at Point Blank Music School. There he learned to showcase his talent and how to stand out in the music industry where there are many new musicians in competition with one and another.  After moving to Dublin and doing his Masters in Computer Science from Griffth College Dublin, he decided to pursue his dream. It was not an easy path but being a determined person he was not going to back out easily. Zake made his début in the music industry by releasing his song Jealous of the Stars on social media platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. It quickly caught the attention of many people and it managed to get hundreds of streams. After his success in the first song he recently released another song by the name Two Lonely People and is working on releasing more songs in the upcoming days.

Apart from being a talented musician, Jhankrut likes to travel and explore new places. By the name @zakemusic on Instagram, he displays his interests and hobbies for his thousands of followers by posting pictures of his travels. There are snippets of his journey all around the world on his Intagram. His feed shows his adventures to different places like Chicago, New York, Boston, and more. Being an artist it is important to experience different cultures and meet new people to get inspired by them; and that is exactly what Zake is doing. Besides his interest in music and travelling, he likes to spend most of his time surrounded by people he deeply cares about. His support system is what keeps him motivated to fight all odds and become a famous musician.

Enigmatic, determined, compassionate, and extroverted are just some of the words to describe Jhankrut’s personality. He is among those people who like to live their life to the fullest and not waste any opportunity to learn new things. He is well-known to fight his way through hardships to reach his destination. From a distant it may seem like an easy road to success but deep down there is a lot of struggle to get to the end of the line. The patience, money, and time that go into transforming a vision into reality are immense. In most cases, it takes months or even years to carry out such a thing but Jhankrut knew there will be difficult times and criticism that he will have to look past and he was ready to face them all.

With no connections or experience in this field of work, Zake managed to make his music known, he released multiple songs that gave him the recognition he deserved. He went from being a small-town boy who had big dreams to a person who transformed his big dreams into reality by having hundreds and thousands of people listening to his songs. Even though at a very young age he has accomplished more than he anticipated, he is not slowing down anytime soon. Jhankrut has planned a lot of things for the future of his career as Zake, and is looking forward to connecting to more people through his music.

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