Gabriela Escalera (@gabyescalera)


In the world of today having a platform directed solely for the event, organization purposes have become of significant importance. In any field, competition is extremely high; this is because means of advertising, promoting, and growing your business are readily available. Hence, to stand out it is important to engage more and more people into your business. 

Companies and organizations like K Media are specially designed for producing and organizing events for an array of different fields. Gabriela Escalera is a producer and artist manager based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and also a vice president at K Media Monitoring – an event production and artist management agency. The company was started by her uncle about 16 years back in 2004. Gaby would witness her uncle setting up and managing artistic, educational, and sporting events and it inspired her and made her view her uncle as a role model. She envisioned herself in her uncle’s place; organizing and hosting magnificent events to help promote public figures and businesses of various fields. Thus, from a young age, she had decided that this was the field she wanted to work in. 

Gaby was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Florida. She went to the IMG Academy Sports Institute and prep School during her high school years from 2008 to 2013. This institute is a private athletic training institute for youth athletes. It is located in Bradenton, Florida. The academy has a lot to offer; it has programs for golf, tennis, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, football, soccer, and even athletic and personal development and training. The vast campus holds up to 12, 000 athletes from various different backgrounds – approximately 80 countries. After graduating from the esteemed IGM Academy, Gaby went to Johnson and wales university to study sports management, arts, entertainment, and media management.  She was only there for a year when, in 2014, she started attending the Concordia University Chicago to pursue a bachelor’s degree in sports management.

All the while during her formal education, Gaby had been working as well. From 2010 – 2012 she had been a marketing consultant at the Globalize of America incorporation. Then later in the same year she left globalize of America incorporation and became a marketing associate at K media monitoring – her own uncle’s company, where she had aspired to be. She worked there for a whopping 7 years and 10 months (gaining sufficient experience to be considered a master in her field) before she was granted promotion and became the vice president at K Media Monitoring in June of 2018. 

At the young age of 23, Gaby has achieved what many only dreams of achieving at her age. Her hard work, headstrong mindset, and dedication have proved fruitful for her and she continues excelling at her career. Gaby had worked with artists from around the world as well as some great producers and continues setting examples while, simultaneously, breaking past the existing boundaries in a men-dominated workplace. The young lady managed to book the highly coveted Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico in San Juan, which is considered a milestone for any event producer. This has helped revamp the face of the local music production industry. 

Gaby’s brother was a star baseball player and his athletic talent was the one that led her to discover her passion for production and artist management. Her parents did not want the sibling due to part; because of her brother’s baseball career both of them enrolled in the same academy. It opened a non-sporting program especially for Gaby because they wanted to host them. It was at that institute that Gaby truly learned how much she enjoyed the field she currently works under. Her final decision came from seeing representatives of professional athletes supervising and involving themselves in the event to ensure everything ran smoothly. 

Gabriela’s hard work and dedication serve as a great inspiration for youngsters looking to embrace their passion. If one has a clear vision of what they want to achieve, nothing can stop them. 

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