Anahata Conscious Living (@anahataconsciousliving)


With an era of technology and fast-paced lives, people often forget to look after their well-being. As a result, they end up neglecting themselves due to stressful conditions. In times like these, health and wellness companies like Anahata Conscious Living aim to help people find a way to empower themselves. The company states that its purpose is to reach out to people with a vision of making a better tomorrow. The company works on the principles of Bliss, Peace, Harmony, Love, Understanding, Empathy, Clarity, Purity, Unity, Compassion, Kindness, and Forgiveness. Ultimately, they want to spread love, mindfulness, and awareness along with their aim to restore faith in humanity. Their motto is “Restoring Faith in Humanity one life at a time”.

Anahata Conscious Living is a wellness Yoga Tribe that promotes personal growth through conscious living. Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda are the key aspects of their practice. Their practices aim to refuel souls, reset them, and ultimately help people find balance, community, and connection within their lives.


The company’s owner, Dr. Ari Beers has spent 12 years helping students practice yoga. She is an Ayurvedic expert, as she teaches yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda as a lifestyle. She is a fearless, high profile celebrity yoga instructor who also speaks passionately about embracing yoga as a lifestyle at workshops, retreats, and training. She is also a strong advocate for women’s empowerment. Her vision is reflected in the company as she introduces people with her methods to psychologically engage themselves. The company draws great influence from Kundalini, Tantric, and Hatha yoga. Their yoga sequences are designed to support practices in understanding how trauma is stored and experienced in the body. With yoga exercises, people can help relieve their anxiety and depression. With constant practice and dedication, they can build a healthy lifestyle. The yoga retreats and teacher training offered by the company have been life-changing for many as they not only teach the art of yoga but also help people understand Ayurveda and ancient Eastern healing practices. With help from the company, many people have been able to deepen their connection with their inner self.

The company is also fully committed to deliver change with each contribution and help they get. With this purpose in mind, they donate every dollar they receive into education, health/mental health, well-being programs, addressing inequality, empowering women, and children in need globally. With this, they have managed to help orphanages in countries like Bali and Mexico. Not only this, but they are working to empower women in countries like India, by teaching them basic health and hygiene. They also provide shelter, clothing, food, and clean water in such areas. The company believes that restoring faith in humanity is an evolutionary process that begins with consciousness and awareness. They are devoted by the power of service and to spread their message “Living through Giving” throughout their practice. By raising awareness, we can help those in need and create a more harmonious planet.

With such an excellent service being provided, it is no surprise that the company has made quite a name for itself. ‘Book Retreats’ placed them at third place for ‘The World’s 20 Best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs’ and in the second place under the category for ’10 Popular Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali’. Not only this, but the company has its own podcast where they discuss various issues and hope to inspire one another in the community. With their podcast, they remind people to remember how they treat others. For the company how people treat others is a representation of how they treat and love themselves. Anahata Conscious Living constantly reminds people to be kind to others and themselves. For more information, people can follow them on Instagram at @anahataconsciousliving.

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