XaQ ENT (@xaqent)


XaQ ENT (pronounced Zach Entertainment) is a professional recording artist and rapper whilst also being the CEO of XaQ Enterprises. He also is an LGBTQ Ally and influencer on social media. XaQ Enterprises is an online company with a store that deals with wigs and related merchandise. Aside from handling and managing that, he also records and distributed his songs through the company. This is one of the biggest reasons why the company is greatly important and close to him. The name ‘XaQ ENT’ is also used as his artist name on popular music streaming platforms such as YouTube and Apple Music through which he has distributed three of his songs. 

For XaQ ENT, the possibilities that the world has to offer have always been too big due to his dreams and goals with lives. He had always known that he loves the act of creating music and art and wanted to pursue his career within that. He later on also realised that he had a very unique gift of his own – the gift of authenticity. This is greatly uncommon but also equips him to show the world what is on his mind in a very unique manner.

While his music career is very new as he has only debuted early this year, XaQ ENT has broken barriers and has come out to be an inspiring force that encourages others to be their most authentic and true selves like he is. For him, spreading positivity through his work has always been the ultimate goal. With his unique and catchy music, he plans to break even more barriers within the music industry. Being proudly a part of the LGBTQ+ community as an Androgynous person, XaQ ENT has realised that he has to work hard to represent more people like him in the best way possible. He also strives to be a positive role model for all the people that may need it just like he had when he was at that stage. 

Being a rapper and creating art, XaQ ENT had to realise that not everyone would perceive him the same way. He reminds himself that creating art is something that is so highly subjective that you never know what others are going to think about what you have created. In a way, it also becomes a part of them. Knowing this, XaQ ENT prepared himself for criticism and feedback both but he could not have prepared himself for the influx of love and support he received from numerous people. To him, hearing “You’re so inspiring”, or “I love your song” is the best part of the career and making art. It is really fulfilling to be heard, listened to, and understood enough to make an impact on other people.

Over time, Acknowledgment like this has strengthened him and kept him motivated to keep on making and releasing music to a degree that he has been hearing back from the producers “The Beat Deamons” after they heard one of his songs that he made with their beat on it. this meant so much to XaQ ENT as they have worked with so many musical artists that he admires. 

As XaQ ENT continues to break the typical mould of the industry which is largely heteronormative and rigid through his unique and inspiring way of expressing himself through his art and demeanour both, it becomes apparent that things in the industry are changing for good. The industry is moving towards inclusivity and diversity little by little. Through songs like ‘Low Key’, ‘Chillin’ in the Tropics’ and ‘Can You Keep Up’, XaQ ENT has proven himself to be exceptional at all he does through his diverse range through which he expresses himself. One can follow him and his work by following him on his Instagram at the handle @xaqent. 

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