Thomas Davis (@tomdavis)


Thomas Davis, who prefers going by the name of Tom, is a celebrity dog trainer based in New York, US. He has been training dogs for many years now – to the point where he has started running his own dog training company. He has a team of people who are working with him to help him grow his brand. He also hosts a successful Podcast called, “No Bad Dog,” and runs a YouTube channel.

Ever since Tom was a young child, he enjoyed the company of his dogs. His interest in dogs started at the tender age of 3-years-old. He loved the friendly nature of his dogs and how they were always there to seek love and affection from him and offer him the same. He built a deep connection with his dogs and felt like he could get comfort from them.

As he grew up, his love for his dogs never left, only grew. After he graduated from high school, he tried out college and a few jobs but was never satisfied with them. It was unfulfilling and was surely a tough time in Tom’s life. During this period, Tom got his first Saint Bernard puppy named Saint. Saint’s demands pushed Tom to be a more responsible adult and to move out of his parents’ house. Unfortunately, Saint died in Toms’ arms one day and from that point onwards, Tom changed his life goals.

He decided to dedicate his life to helping dogs. He had so much love for them and was excellent at handling his dogs, so he started his own little dog walking company at the age of 19. Tom spent his entire twenties trying to grow this business as much as possible. His friends and family did not support him much and encouraged him to try something else. He was on the verge of giving up when a potential client called him one day asking if Tom would be willing to train his dog. That phone call changed Tom’s entire path.

Since then, Tom has launched his own dog training company called, “America’s Canine Educator,” with a staff of 10 people. The company has its own website which shows the variety of services they offer such as training, dog day-care, and boot camps. They are also offering online training so that owners can make use of their services in the comfort of their homes. Tom has been helping a variety of people including famous personalities like athletes such as Jeff Hoffman from the Colorado Rockies, influencers such as Logan Paul, even politicians such as Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York.

Tom currently has over 82.4k followers on Instagram alone. He is also very active on other social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube where he posts weekly training videos and has over 200k subscribers. Tom knows the dedication and hard work it takes to grow a brand’s image and thus, enjoys uploading content frequently to stay in touch with his followers.

Tom’s Instagram page displays a variety of his work. With such a wide following, he makes sure to promote his brand on his page by posting regular updates. These updates come in the form of photos with adorable puppies or pictures added to his highlight stories. He likes to show potential clients a glimpse of what his workshops are like. He also posts regular content while he is out enjoying his time.

Tom also hosts a successful Podcast called, “No Bad Dogs.” This podcast sheds light on a variety of dog-related topics. The focus of these topics is on training and how to better their dog’s behavior. Tom also likes to remind his listeners that there is no one way to train a dog for every breed and every dog is different. This has proven to be highly successful amongst his fans.

Tom has surely managed great success and is growing every single day. He has learned from all of his experiences, especially those in his twenties, to help himself. Not only that, but he is also helping hundreds of dog lovers to build better relationships with their pets. His clients support him all the way.

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