Stephane Chirol (@dukevladislav)


The business world is full of many important positions that are vital for the growth of the company. For these positions, companies employ talented people who have the passion and skills to help the company grow. Stephane is one such person who is working as the Vice President for Sales at TITRA FILM. A vice president for sales holds a very central position in any company. They are responsible for helping build up the business. To do so, many sales vice presidents identify new business prospects and sell their products to them. Such people are excellent at communication as they must maintain a professional relationship with their current and new clients. Such executives work with maturity, confidence, patience, and perseverance. They show excellent interpersonal skills and commercial awareness while working. Such people are the key point of contact between the company and its clients. With such skills, Stephane Chirol has successfully managed to step in as the Sales Vice President at a renowned company known as TITRA FILM. 

Ever since he was young, Stephane had shown a keen interest in the field of sales. He possessed great communication skills which were vital for any person making a sale. His impeccable talent and skills lead him to work as a sales executive in many renowned companies. Over there, he conducted market researches to identify selling possibilities and evaluate customer needs. Just like any sales executive, he would actively seek out sales opportunities through networking. With his job, Stephane was able to build many connections with various people in the business world. Stephane proved to be a successful sales executive. He always ensured that all his clients were satisfied with their purchases. 

After making a name for himself as a successful sales executive, Stephane headed over to TITRA FILM to serve as their Vice President for Sales. TITRA FILM was established in 1993. It is the world’s pioneer company that deals with audio & video production, digital cinema, Theatrical & Non-Theatrical subtitling, DCP Encoding, Theatrical & Non-Theatrical Dubbing, Blu Ray and DVD Authoring, iTunes Encoding, Data storage, and much more. In 2007, the company moved to a new site in Saint-Ouen which allowed for its technological evolution (digital cinema, new media, dubbing). Currently, TITRAFILM offers the full range of technical services dedicated to the production, distribution, sale, and broadcast of feature films and video programs: from editing to the storage, laboratory work to broadcast-ready materials. For 85 years, TITRAFILM has been proudly serving many streaming companies including, Netflix, Amazon, DreamWorks, Warner Bros, Paramount, Disney, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Sony Columbia, and many others. The company reached great heights with Stephane’s expertise and skills. The company was CESAR awarded by the Film Industry for innovation in 2019. Stephane has dedicated much of his life to TITRAFILM and has played a vital role in its success. 

With his vast experience in the sales department, Stephane was able to take TITRA FILM to new heights. TITRA FILMS is now a well-reputed company that combines the experience of a historic name in subtitling for cinema with the dynamism of a pioneer in digital technologies for television and new media. Known for its subtitling, the company has managed to broaden the linguistic reach of many different television shows and movies. Stephane has been proud to play such a significant role in such a renowned company. 

Despite his busy schedule with TITRA FILM, Stephane has a pretty active presence on social media. He is particularly active on Instagram. His Instagram largely shows the work that is being done at TITRA FILM. He can be seen posting various dubbed clips from different movies and television shows that showcase the great work that is being done by the company. With an active outreach on Instagram, Stephane makes sure that the company is well-represented. For more information, people can follow him on Instagram at @dukevladislav.

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