Osama Shaikh (@osama__shaikh_)


Socio-political activism alongside being a writer that has an impact on the masses is a great responsibility. Fortunately, Osama Shaikh, who is a prominent Indian activist and writer makes use of his platform responsibly. After studying at and acquiring his MBA from Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University Lucknow Uttar Pradesh, he set forward to write blogs and articles about politics on his website. After a while, he joined Prime Today, where eventually he became an editor.  

To bring about a change in society, one must target the issues at hand at all levels involved. Be it grassroots levels or the level of the government. It so often happens that one faction is left mistreated because of faulty policies. For the purpose of bringing justice to all, people must raise their voices. The best way to do so is to develop a following and an audience through one’s own hard work and then to spread one’s message amongst the people so that it gains momentum and justice is eventually served.

An interesting part of his journey was stumbling upon the knowledge and realization that the Indian predominant press was not covering news about rural areas and their problems as well as the lesser-known political parties. He took it upon himself to use his platform to bring these issues to light. On his twitter where he has a large active following of almost twenty-thousand, he spreads his message to his followers in his native language, Hindi, which can be read and understood by anyone in the country. 

Being a Muslim in the secular country of India, he is a part of one of the minority groups. He raises his voice on the injustices faced by the Muslim population. He preaches how elections should be fair and openly expresses his concerns about the current state of events. He not only sheds light on the problems of Muslims in India but also encourages them to get educated and become stronger within themselves. 

He uses his voice and platform to spread awareness about unemployment, the issues faced by farmers, students, and the increasing rate of inflation. Hence shedding light on the problems that may be going unnoticed and unheard by both mainstream media and the government. In his posts, he points out the various areas where people lack facilities and are surviving in subpar living conditions. He freely talks about the rights that farmers are not given even though agriculture is one of the backbones of the country.

The rights of farmers, who also happen to be one of the least privileged classes, is an on-going worry. Low income paired with a lack of representation in mainstream media and to top it off, the police brutality that they face when they dare to raise their voices makes it impossible for them to have any hope. Osama Shaikh is not afraid to call out hypocrisies such as these, where a government is unable to protect the interests of its own farmers. He also brings attention to the rampant issues with electricity and such basic utilities being unavailable to people in rural areas and villages.

Addressing the shortcomings of the government and making sure he keeps his audience well-informed is one of his main principles. He does not hesitate to speak his mind and express facts and opinions in a well informed and educated way even if they come across as controversial, this is because he firmly believes in justice and is steadfast to his beliefs. Along with all of his hard work, he stays humble and shares inspirational and motivational quotes and poetry to inspire people to always follow their passion and raise their voice for what is right.

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