Lamha Latheef (@lamha.latheef)


Lamha Latheef is an extremely talented individual who did not let anything stop her from achieving everything she wanted for herself and even more. Having accomplished the first dream she had since she was a child, she utilized her perseverance and passion that she had to reach new heights in her life and her career. She is an inspirational figure to young boys and girls for her unquenchable thirst for working hard to accomplish things you would have thought were out of your reach. Before getting into everything that she has done to deserve such immense praise, let us look at what she was like as a child and what brought on her dreams to conquer the Maldivian entertainment industry. 

One could say Lamha was conditioned into falling for the entertainment industry. Having grown up around an ebullient family with unending energy, she was never a reserved, quiet, or bashful child. She was rather an outspoken, confident, and bubbly child who recognized the happiness she felt expressing herself as something she should take further. As a child, she would record videos of herself and those around her on her handy-cam and had a passion to sing, so it was only natural that she was completely relaxed in front of the camera and felt at ease doing what she loved. From a young age, she and her family allowed her to gain exposure to the entertainment industry, and that was when she felt herself breaking out of her cocoon and spreading her wings to become an entertainer. 

In 2001 at the age of nine, she participated in an inter-school singing competition and went on to appear every year till 2006. Her participation was certainly not in vain, considering she won 3rd place in 2002. These competitions were broadcasted on Television which means Lamha made her TV debut at the tender age of 9, and the growth began. After taking a break to presumably finish her education, she returned to the entertainment scene in 2011 on a highly anticipated Maldivian show called “Ehandhaanuga Retro”. She wowed the public with her musical performances and shared her talents with many other producers, composers, and various Maldivian artists. It didn’t stop there as Lamha would go on to perform yearly Eid shows, make appearances in music videos for other artists, and charity events such as “Olympians and Friends”. She let movies borrow her talent by singing soundtracks and being a playback singer, most notably for ‘Leena’, ‘Hiyy Yaaraa Dheefaa’, and ‘Forty+’. She has also released music that can be heard on Spotify and YouTube. 

As mentioned before, just conquering one facet of the entertainment industry wasn’t enough for someone like Lamha, who was filled to the brim with potential and dedication. She decided to branch out into another part of the entertainment – hosting. The Maldives decided it was time to give locals the opportunity to showcase their talents, and thus Maldivian Idol was born. Lamha hosted season 2 of the singing show and only went on to further her career as a host. She hosted international events like the “World Travel Awards 2017” and national events such as Maldivian Film Festivals. 

Proving she wasn’t shy in front of the camera, Lamha decided to dip her feet into acting, and the favor she had gained in the public allowed her to open many doors for herself to grow as an entertainer. Before doing smaller roles and tv commercials, she eventually bagged a huge deal as the lead actress for The Maldives’ first-ever sit-com named “Karuhakuru”. She is also set to partake in a feature film set to release in 2021. 

Having established herself as a talented entertainer, she loves to relax and spend time with her husband who is a renowned makeup artist. As of 2020, Lamha has traveled to over 25 countries and all her trips are beautifully documented on her Instagram (@Lamha.latheef). Apart from her travel pictures, she loves sharing aesthetic and eye-catching pictures of herself. Head on over to her account to see it for yourself! 

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