Kyani Steegmans (@kyani_steegmans)


In this article, we will introduce a famous model of Europe named as Kyani Leslie Lieve Steegmans, who work hard to achieve a successful career journey.

The very young and talented model was born and raised in Antwerp city of Belgium in 2001 with a chronic disease called pectus excavatum. He was bullied for several years since his early childhood. Underprivileged with the surrounding, Kyani had always dreamed of getting rid of the situations. 

He always dreamed of being appreciated by a massive response. The popularity and fame were all that he concerned about. The 15 years old Kyani got registered with an online modeling site where he started from scratch to freelance his creative services. Along with that, he pushed himself on a tough time while exercising for a normal chest structure. As a freelance model, he was highly recognized for his great body structure achieved after several hours of workout at home and gym. His life was fully aligned with his goal to make him a renowned personality not only in his native country Belgium, but he spread the buzz of popularity across the globe.

Within a year of struggle, by the age of 16 Kyani was fully equipped to help people get a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, he was also a great fitness influencer for millions of followers who follow his guideline for a diet chart and workout routine. Born with a worse condition turned a famous influencer and model while demonstrating a perfect figure being dreamed by millions of his followers.  Along with that, as a fashion model, he has worked with a tremendous number of fashion brands operating locally and internationally.


Dreaming big is not bad, the problem occurs when it comes to putting a commitment to follow your passion with enthusiasm and determination. Kyani is a powerful example as well as inspiration for millions of people who count the hurdles before going following their dreams. Currently, his spellbound personality bundled with the majestic talent has captivated the modeling industry not only in Belgium, but he is well-known internationally. The success story of Kyani does not end here. In 2018, he got a chance to get listed for a famous modeling contest. Successfully his first attempt was paid massively when he was acknowledged as the third most influencing model of Europe in 2018. He is highly admired for both fitness and fashion modeling career. He is also affiliated with the, where his professional modeling shoots are updated with the details of his body shape with the size chart. The philanthropic personality of Kyani has a plan to launch his fashion label to pay for the charities. 

With more than 21K followers on Instagram, he has captured the heart of a huge number of die-heart followers with his healthy lifestyle portrayed in enchanting photoshoots for fitness and fashion magazines. Moreover, he can also be found in several other major social media platforms while inspiring people with his success story at a very young age of 18.

From a chronic condition to a fitness and fashion modeling career, Kyani knows the art of setting plans of perfectly aligned with the objectives. His continued hard work has proved that when there is a will, there is a way! 

One can follow him on his Instagram ( to know more about him and his Lifestyle.

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