Kristen Morgan (@kristenxmorgan)


Our youth – that being our children and teens are our only promise for tomorrow. They are the ones who will rectify our wrongdoings and mold the world as we know it to more promising and better earth. Their energy, joyful souls, caring spirits and dedications are the missing puzzle pieces to complete what is currently lacking, and follow through on what we could not today. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that our youth are aspiring and passionate, with sincere determination fueling their successes. This article highlights a particular and aspiring young girl of this very youth in question.

The soon to be eighteen-year-old, Kristen Morgan, born and raised in Orlando, Florida, is a bright young girl of many talents! Born on October 11th, while not even holding the title of adulthood yet, Kristen has achieved great fame and recognition on her different social media platforms through her unwavering desire and determination to work hard and achieve what she desires and is passionate about. Kristen’s passions are quite diversified and respectable and for her age, as they range from having modeled to playing amateur athletic union basketball, to her dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon.  

Kristn is grateful and sincere in her dealings with social media and how she feels about her fame. She considers her fans and followers and her friends, instead of letting them feed her ego like many unfortunately do. Regarding her loving fans, she says “thank you to all of my supporters and all of my new friends out there. You guys have seriously changed my life and I could never thank you enough”. Kristen still has a screenshot of her TikTok account at the beginning with zero followers, zero posts, and zero likes, that she kept to reflect on when she hit one million followers. 

Her sincerity does not end here, instead, it is interwoven throughout all her social media and is visible on her TikTok, where she has over 1.2 million followers. This is just her first account and her second account has over 146.5k followers. On these accounts, she engages with her admiring fans through a variety of ways – including storytimes and comedic posts about her colorful and intriguing life. These are accompanied by loud, upbeat music and comical edits to keep her viewers consistently engaged and watching. Such is the same on her YouTube channel, with over 24.3k subscribers, where her content is more or less the same, but longer – which better appeals to YouTube’s algorithm. 

Kristen has transformed this fame – through her sheer passion – into a strong foundation to launch off many other projects and business dealings. As of now, Kristen is signed to a management company, has her website where she sells her own minimalistic style merchandise and, has multiple clothing lines. Kristen also graduated high school at the very early age of 16 and hopes to maintain her social media presence while pursuing a college degree. 


Her beautiful and friendly spirit is again highlighted as she advised her fellow teens in an interview with DurreElliot “My advice for anyone who wants to become something on social media – never give up. I know it’s cliché, but trust me… Never give up. Know what you want. Don’t be discouraged, and understand that if not today, if not tomorrow, one day, you’ll be there”. These are the aspiring words of the youth that we all hope will shape our world for tomorrow for the better. Moreover, Morgan’s Instagram, with over 77.5k followers, is a collection of high quality, vibrant and colorful posts that reflect her happening life. These posts range from candid selfies to her adorable puppy, to pictures with her and her friends – all radiating positive and bright energy. To continue to follow along with Kristen Morgan’s hilarious story times, projects, and brand deals, one must follow her social media – the links being provided below: 

  1. Instagram:
  2. YouTube:

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