Ebony Brown (@ebonybrownstyle)



One of the most interesting aspects of life is its sheer unpredictability. You can promise to yourself to venture out on a certain path but fate would rather have it that you alter the route, and in some cases, even your destination. Throughout history, people who prospered in their particular fields had often originated from drastically different sources. This is just an indicator that you can be anyone you want to be and achieve what you’re meant to achieve, even if it may seem incredibly tough. Nothing in life comes easy, but the price you pay is surely worth the outcome.

Ebony Brown, a celebrity fashion stylist/designer has a similar motto. She is well aware that hard work and perseverance, coupled with indispensable patience are the keys to life, and her professional approach is no stranger to this concept. Having started from humble beginnings trying her hand at a career in the music industry, Ebony found her true calling in the form of clothes and apparel, an art form that is quite rarely appreciated to the extent it deserves to be.

Ebony was a songwriter working in the music industry often in collaboration with Faith Evans and E-40 when she found herself also serving as a stand-in stylist for the artists due to the unceasing requests of the executives. Ebony had a natural talent for styling, and this did not escape the all observing eyes of company executives who noticed and urged Ebony to try her hand at being a professional stylist. Ebony, however, was adamant about continuing her career as a songwriter, and therefore, continued to reject such offers for three years straight. They say the number 3 is a charm and surely, soon after, Ebony finally decided to embrace her true calling and set out onto the path that was laden with promise just for her.

It was that day and now. Ebony hasn’t looked back since and has managed to create quite a reputable name for herself in the fashion industry. Having worked in collaboration with, and styled famous musicians and other artists like Britney Spears, George Lopez, David LaChapelle, Ellen Von Unwerth, Marc Baptiste, Halsey, Kanye West, and Camila Cabello to name a select few. Ebony’s talents emerged and shined brighter than any star, earning her the much-deserved attention from Tina Knowles-Lawson, Beyonce’s mother, and owner of the Wearable Art Gala. Ebony was recommended by Tina as her choice stylist and designer for the event, and Ebony worked closely with various celebs to style them for the event’s theme centered on ‘The Lion King.’

Recognition for quality work and artistic talent seldom goes awry, and the payoff for all of Ebony’s genius abilities and sincere efforts was magnificent. Ebony went on to earn her position in Fashionista.com’s 2020 list for the ‘Top Black Influencers, Fashion Stylists’, etc. Much deservedly, Ebony is now one of the most respected stylists in the industry today and is a qualified professional who can coach other aspiring stylists looking to venture into the field. To serve this purpose, Ebony is working on a soon-to-be-published book titled, ‘Celebrity Style Academy’ that will highlight all that is important about celebrity styling in a scholarly fashion.

Ebony’s story is an inspirational tale that is evergreen. It tells of hard work, perseverance, attention to detail, and honing your talents as you set out to create a professional career for yourself. If you’re doing what makes you happy, it automatically accentuates the dedication you put into your responsibilities, which in turn affects the degree of professionalism you exhibit for the world to see. Ebony Brown is one such example of a dedicated person who manages to take the time to interact with people across her various social media. Ebony frequently posts about her latest signature looks as well as celebrity collaborations and hot new trends. If you wish to not miss out on any of these amazing looks be sure to follow Ebony on her Instagram: @ebonybrownstyle.

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