Dave Hernandez (@qsjradioceo)


It takes courage, resilience, and utmost determination to land up at your destination however only a sense of empathy, gratitude, and enthusiasm to do someone a good turn would allow you to elevate others to their desired position in life. Dave Hernandez, a former US Navy officer and currently an online streamer, radio host and CEO of QSJ Radio have bought a swirl of opportunities in the life of countless unsigned artists through his radio platform as he earnestly savours the essence of true success and leadership which lies in influencing others in achieving their greatness.


Dave Hernandez being an artist personally experienced the troubles of knocking multiple doors for acknowledgment of his talent and also faced a hard time finding a proper foundation for initial refinement or further enhancement of his expertise. Therefore, he pioneered the idea of QSJ online radio station where untapped voices of numerous singers and rappers are heard and counsel and direction are made convenient to them which not only provides them with a field to set in motion but also to grow and stay competitive in the saturated music industry.

Being blessed with a large family who supported him through thick and thin Dave Hernandez lived a life of his dreams firstly serving the United States Navy for over 20 years and then soon blooming into an Internationally known Radio Host providing a backbone to struggling artist not only in the USA but all around the globe where talent seeks a voice.

QSJ Radio provides an independent avenue with 24-7 streams including live plays, industry talks, and interviews with masses of artists, producers, and businesses. Not only it broadcasts unsigned indie artists but also educates them on branding and selling tactics and touring their music. Dave Hernandez would himself visit Tri-State tours in a zest to run into new artists now and then and loves to have unexpected appearances at live performances of different bands just to manifest his support and appreciation for juvenile artistry.

Strengthening such adventures of his life Dave, invited by a friend, once went to a video shoot featuring Frederick Thomas, known as Fred the Godson, an American DJ and rapper from the Bronx. There Dave also grew ties with members of TBM (Talking about Money) team that highly admired and praised Dave’s QSJ service and the noble aim behind it of extending a hand to the novice in the music industry. This further boosted Dave’s confidence on his career path and uplifted his spirits in being able to develop neophytes potentials towards accomplishments and successful manoeuvres of life.

Even if it’s an artist’s first time in this field, near or far, QSJ is looking forward to getting in touch with them for their promotional campaign either through the podcast, ad spaces, or live interviews. This might gather plenty of fans following on their music videos which would not only embark their performance on QSJ radio platform but would also prove to be beneficial in accelerating them in the clique of renowned directors and producers of the vast music industry.

To browse more about Dave Hernandez life and his launched artist you can follow him on Instagram @qsjradioceo or Facebook or Twitter @qsjradiolive. You can also submit your music video on www.qsjradio.com where live streams are extended not only on Youtube but also on apps like Facebook, Mixer, and Twitch. Other than that you can even send an email at qsjradio@gmail.com.

This pristine invention of QSJ is downright phenomenal as people only support others with more strain; so they can use them as a stepping stone and in case they feel others becoming a  competition on the same level, they will surely try their best not to honour them and have witnessed the same sort of toilsome hurdles in the past Dave wanted to conjure up an artist-friendly environment in the music industry especially for beginners and undoubtedly he succeeded in doing so which displays an inspiring example for people already reaping the rewards of success.

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