Abdi Hamid Moallin (@ahamidmoallin)


Football is a sport that was formally introduced in England in the 19th century, with its standard set of rules and regulations. However, various forms of the game had existed since the early 12th century and were played frequently in fields and meadows. The game finally took its shape with the first official national competition in 1871 – The Football Association Challenge Cup, which took place between England and Scotland and was able to gather around 4000 people as audiences. Since then, Football has been the most popular sport to ever exist. The FIFA World Cup alone has over four billion viewers all over the world, showing the immense popularity it has.

Abdi Hamid Moallin is a 31-year old football coach from Somalia, helping and guiding players about the sports. He’s also a football enthusiast whose dream was to become a national player, however, fell short of the criteria. But this setback did not act as a hindrance in his journey to success; he learned from his mistakes and stood up again to pursue his dreams. At the young age of 23, he started training for his coaching license in the US and a few years later was qualified enough to have a team under him. Seeing the dedication and hard work that was put into his profession he was appointed as a performance analyst for the Columbus Crew SC which was under Greg Belharter (current coach the US men’s national team) during the United States Major League Soccer.

Due to the devotedness to his work and the joint efforts with the team they were able to reach the finals of the Major League in 2015, the greatest achievement of the club to date. Unfortunately, the club lost the finals to Portland Timbers but one cannot deny that getting to the finals was a big victory itself. Abdi Hamid claims that despite not being able to take the trophy home, the experience was very special for him. From enjoying the goosebumps caused by the exhilarating matches to analyzing and guiding the team accordingly, he remembers it as one of the most significant occurrences of his life. 

Aside from enjoying the Major League, Moallin also had the chance to learn from the most experienced coach of that time – Gregg Berhalter, who was the sporting director and head coach of Colombus Crew during the league. The fact that Mr.Gregg trusted Moallin to be the performance analyst of the team, a man with little to no previous experience was a great honor for Abdi, which he greatly appreciates. He believes that whatever he achieved in life regarding football was because of the guidance and teaching of Berhalter in the two years he worked with him. Acting as the biggest inspiration and encouraging Moallin to follow the dream that helped him get to where he is now. 

At 31, Abdi Hamid Moallin is the now youngest coach ever to lead the Somali national football team. Previously having dreams to be part of the domestic club but unable to qualify for it, he is now the team’s coach. He not only achieved his dreams but also showed his fans and followers to never give up because there is always something better waiting for them in the future. Despite being rejected, he worked hard and pursued his passion only to end up with something even better than what he asked for – leading the national team. Now he claims and aims to ‘create the best team his country has ever seen’ and lead them to great successes with his exemplary skills and experiences.

Abdi Hamid Moallin has a strong fanbase due to the positivity he constantly promotes. His strong allegiance to the team and dedication to bring about change has helped him garner over three thousand followers on his Instagram (@ahamidmoallin). Acting as an agent of eagerness he wants people to learn and grow and set out with their respective excursions to prosperity. 

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