Warren Basking (@warrenbasking)


In the world today, LGBTQ music has expanded throughout the spectrum of popular music. The music released in the past few years have acknowledged and accepted the LGBTQ community. Musicians who have been vocal about them through their music include Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Britney Spears among many others. The LGBT community has a great deal of support in the entertainment industry today, and efforts are still made to ensure their adequate representation in all fields

Among the group of aspiring LGBTQ musicians is Warren Basking. Warren Basking identifies as an LGBTQ Musician. With a very active musical career, Warren continues to grow as a musician ever passing day. Warren is a young and aspiring music writer, who is extremely skillful at composing musical compositions. An exceptional songwriter, Warren writes lyrics that are very well thought of.

Warren Basking had a love for music from a very young age. Singing and songwriting was something Warren actively participated in as a child. Warren’s first experience in production came from working on a play at High School. Warren successfully produced the play, which was based on ‘Alice in Wonderland’. In the play, Warren played the role of ‘March’. The experience gained from the project helped Warren develop a love for performing arts. Warren was sure about working as an entertainer in the future.

Warren Basking was inspired by the American singer, songwriter and director Todrick Hall was. Warren had respected his work immensely and hoped to follow his footsteps. The first alum that Warren Basking released was basically a tribute to Todrick Hall. After the album was released, it was noticed by many of Todrick Hall fans. His fans hugely appreciated Warren’s work, and it became very popular on multiple musical forums. Warren was highly unsure if the music would be noticed by Todrick Hall himself or not. However, dreams do come true. The song had gotten so popular, that it got Todrick Hall’s attention. The success of the album was a major breakthrough in Warren’s career. It was a moment in Warren’s life that will probably be remembered for the longest of times.

However, despite the album’s success, Warren chose to take the album down. Warren believed in being an independent artist. Of the album, Warren’s favorite song was titled ‘One In A Million’. The song is very close to the singer’s heart, and reminds Warren of the reasons behind the pursuit of music. One In A Million is a song that highlights all the love and support Warren has received throughout. Apart from its original version, two other versions were also created of the song: the acoustic version and the remix version.

Warren’s most recent album is titled “Her Majesty”. The album was released in multiple online music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Sound cloud, YouTube, and iTunes. The album cover features the singer holding a silver crown embellished with maroon stones. The stones seem to be fit for a royal, hence the album name “Her Majesty”. The cover is extremely attractive, with a perfect balance of the colors maroon, white, and silver. The album has over 8 songs, all of which are distinct in their music and composition.

Warren Basking can be followed on all social media platforms as @warrenbasking. Warren has over 14.5 thousand Instagram followers, and actively engages with the followers. Warren’s posts, captions and ideas are loved and appreciated by hundreds of followers. His Instagram profile features the famous American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey. Warren loves Mariah Carey’s voice and feels that it has the capacity to touch one’s soul.

Warren Basking is very vocal about LGBTQ rights on Instagram. Additionally, through Instagram posts, Warren educates followers about racism. The singer feels strongly about discrimination with respect to race and color. Just because a person has a different skin color, does not mean one has to fear for his or her lives.

Throughout the singer’s career, Warren has maintained a very serious attitude and worked towards achieving goals tirelessly. Warren advises followers to always pursue their dreams with hard work and dedication, instead of having fear slowing down their progress.

To stay up to date with Warren’s music and endeavor’s, be sure to follow the singer and songwriter on all social media platforms as @warrenbasking.

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