Omar Nasr (@omarnasrmusic)


Omar Nasr is an up and coming singer from the UAE. He has come a long way – starting with his first passion for mathematics and teaching. He has learned a lot over the years from both his career paths. Omar likes to listen to what his followers want from him and hence, he is growing every day. He is a hardworking individual who is constantly trying to be better than the day before.

When Omar was in school, he would have never expected to take on such a career path. He was a studious child with decent grades. His parents encouraged him to study harder and get admission to the best universities around. Being the obedient child that he was, he did not argue with them and complied with their wish.

He studied pure mathematics as he was quite good at it and was fond of it. After graduation, he began teaching the subject at the university level. He was considered to be a strict instructor but was well-respected as he knew the subject very well. However, Omar was not satisfied with his career and wished to pursue music.

Music had always been special to Omar. From an early age, he associated feeling happy with music. As he got older, he would use it to help him cope with tough days. He would often be heard singing along to some of his favorite songs. His close ones were amazed at how good of a voice he had. Sadly, he was never encouraged to pursue it as a career and did not feel the urge to. However, all this changed when realized he was not fulfilled with his teaching job and wished to enter the music industry.


Omar was nervous and not too sure of himself when releasing his first song. He was aware that he had a good voice but was not sure how the public will respond to his music. Nevertheless, he released his song called, “Mostaheeli,” on YouTube and Anghami – a music streaming platform. His song was a complete hit in the Arab world. He had gained fame almost overnight. People enjoyed the upbeat energy from the song. The song stands at over 1.5 million views on YouTube today.

Given the huge success of his first song, he gained many followers on social media. People were excited to see what he would release next and kept encouraging him. Sometime later, he released the song, “Seeb Nafsak,” which is a fast, electronic tempo song. This was also another big hit for the new singer. People loved his singing and the feeling they got when listening to his songs. Omar is working on releasing even more music soon.

Currently, the successful artist has over 13k followers on Instagram alone. He also makes good use of other social media platforms such as Facebook with 40k followers and YouTube with 400k subscribers. People enjoy regularly checking his pages to see if he has released any new music. He has fans from not only the Arab region but all across the world.

Omar uses the Instagram platform for a variety of reasons. His main content is for the promotion of his latest releases. He regularly shares snippets of his songs, encouraging followers to listen to the full song. Omar uploads posters for his songs every few days. He also shares the progress of his work; recently he posted a photo showing him reaching 1 million streams on Anghami. He uses the highlights feature to post about his live performances, covers, and Q&As with his fans. Additionally, Omar likes to be real with his fans so posts from his day-to-day life too.

He is surely rising through the ranks to become a star in the region. Despite all odds, he has successfully managed to switch his career, shocking everyone, even his students, along the way. He is a hardworking individual and hopes to release new music soon. He hopes he can inspire other upcoming artists to pursue their dreams.

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