Krysten Kinsey (@xoxo_lilmskrys)


Krysten Kinsey is a model and social media influencer based in the US. She enjoys posing in front of a camera and has been in the industry for a while now. She also enjoys taking photos of her everyday life to share with her fans on social media. She likes sharing her thoughts on social media and encouraging a fun-loving and light mood on her page.

Ever since Krysten was a young girl, she has enjoyed being in the spotlight. Throughout her school life, she had liked participating in activities and staying involved. Whenever she was asked what she wished to pursue when she grew up, she could never give a straight answer. She always jumped from career to career. As she got older, she would often be found taking photos of herself. Her loved ones encouraged her and supported her. Eventually, Krysten decided to pursue modeling as a career.

Krysten feels extremely confident when in front of the camera. She poses like a natural. She has collaborated with many other models and photographers. These individuals enjoy working with her as she creates a very friendly environment. Additionally, Krysten is extremely professional and knows when to get down to serious business. She has been a part of many photo shoots – each giving her the experience to learn from. She is perfecting her art as a model.

Krysten believes in leading a very healthy lifestyle. She is known for following a good diet, filled with nutrients and greens. More importantly, Krysten is a gym enthusiast and advocate. She has a physique that leaves her fans in awe. She has worked very hard to get the body she has. She often shares pictures of her updates of changes in her body due to different routines. She makes sure to encourage her followers to chase after a healthy lifestyle as it has helped a lot in dealing with body insecurities.

Currently, the young model has over 2.5k followers on Instagram alone. She is also active on other social media platforms. She makes sure to share photos and stories often as she wishes to build a more intimate relationship with her followers. She shares a variety of content with her followers which show updates on her latest project, progress with the gym, or just about life in general.

Krysten’s Instagram displays a variety of pictures of herself. She takes photos when she is outside as she appreciates the natural lighting. However, mostly her photos are taken inside as Krysten likes to practice her modeling poses. She receives feedback from fans and incorporates this feedback in her next photoshoots. Krysten also likes going swimming as she is often posting photos in her swimsuits. This also gives her the chance to showcase her skills to potential modeling agencies who may be interested in seeing her work. It serves as a portfolio.

In addition to her modeling pictures, Krysten also posts regular content to keep her page authentic. Krysten values realness in the influencers she is a fan of and strives to offer her fans the same. She showcases her personality by posting humorous content. This content is usually in the form of pictures with funny phrases on them like memes. Such content provides an insight into what she is like in person. Her followers highly appreciate this content.

Krysten is surely on the path of success. She spends each day striving for more and is constantly working on her next project. She enjoys spending time on social media to build a better bond with her fans. Krysten plans to keep posting content about herself and her photoshoots to further her modeling career.

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