Jose Garcia (@sneakerb0ss)


As a child, one grows up to have multiple desires for different stuff. Some have an immense love for cars, a few are crazy about clothing, however, a very rare number of people are passionate about shoes. For normal people, shoes are a part of daily wear, worn to protect human feet. But on the other hand, for people who are into buying shoes, it acts as more than just a layer of protection beneath your feet. For them, it is more about style, fashion, and hype.

Jose Garcia, born in Brooklyn, New York City, is someone who possessed a passion for sneakers ever since he could remember. As a little boy, he would be highly impressed by the guys who lived in his neighborhood. A few out of them happened to be influencers who had a collection for the most unique kind of shoes and it is what made Jose, the young boy then, want some for himself. Belonging to a poor family, Jose had little money to spend on luxury items such as shoes. His father passed away when Jose was very young, so his mother alone had to look after her children. Jose had 2 more siblings and all the expenses were bored by his mother at that time so it got even more challenging to put up demand like that before her.

Facing a crisis, Jose managed to step out of it after he got offered a job. He saved money every week so he could spend some extra pounds for himself. It was 2008 when Jose got his hands on the first pair of “Jordan 8 Aquas”, a brand of basketball shoes and the feeling of achievement embarked inside him quickly. It was that moment when Jose decided to start a venture based on shoes. This way he could work passionately and earn a handsome amount of money for a living.

Soon Jose started an online business solely for the selling of branded shoes. The online website by the name “” is rightly a platform where one can place an order to buy their set of the desired shoe. It has only been a year into this business and it already is doing great. The Instagram page alone has up to 11.1k followers which only indicate Jose’s past growth in the business. However, the best part of working in this business for Jose is getting to meet new people who have undergone the same challenges as him and it has made it easier for Jose to ask for assistance from them. These friends along with Jose have formed a network dedicated purely towards assisting through hard times.


As a businessman now, Jose gets support from big teams like MLB players which is a huge sense of accomplishment for his business. One thing that helps Jose stay focused is the aim of never giving up. His goal is to provide the best services for is clients and their satisfaction is what drives Jose to be the best version of himself.  Jose has had the best company around him that has always supported him throughout his journey and in an interview, he gives credit to his friend Elvin Moreno for making him chase his dreams.

Today, Jose sets an example to those who have a will to dream about starting something of their own. Jose’s business has been excelling ever since it came into action. As a responsible citizen and a human, Jose has been donating huge amounts to those in need. He donates to the community, local school events to earn friends and virtue. Jose mostly gives credit to the difficult past he had to encounter to be at a place where he is today. He inspires many young people to never lose hope and follow their dreams by working tough.

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