Jose Colmenares Velasco (@joecolmenaresv)


In 2013, Jose Colmenares Velasco worked for a company as a sales manager that later ran out of business. That is when he discovered Instagram through his younger brother and realized how fascinating it was. He decided to make his own account and since then he has been very successful in co-founding multiple pages, managing other famous social media influencers’ accounts, and being a social media consultant. His Instagram alone has over 76 hundred thousand followers and millions of followers on his other pages. 

If there is one thing that this generation of social media loves are ‘Memes’. It is an image, video, or a piece of text, typically humorous in nature that is rapidly shared by internet users. When Jose came across them on Instagram he found them very amusing. One particular page that caught his attention was by the name Queboleta, a Columbian meme page that at the time had over 100,000 followers. After going through similar pages, he came to a decision that this is what he will do, manage accounts by posting funny videos, and eventually promote and sell products on it. He contacted the owner of Queboleta and together they decided to launch two more pages by the name of Quejeso and Quebolas that were later named @eldiario and @venezuelalucha. They became very popular very fast and soon had over 4 million followers collectively.

He made an impact on more people than he expected because before he knew it, other famous Instagram celebrities started contacting him. Jose guided them through on how to run their accounts and promote their product. His previous experience in a marketing company gave him an advantage; he knew perfectly well how to manage their campaigns. He decided to start his company called Colmenares Digital Corp. His company ensures establishing profitable marketing social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with proper engagement with the audience. They offer services that help content creators to expand their reach to an even bigger audience by connecting advertising companies with them.

By 2015, his ‘Instagram Empire’ reached to even bigger connections. Many celebrities contacted him for his help in launching their Instagram page. One particular celebrity among them was Nicky Jam, a famous singer from Puerto Rica. Jose got invited to his birthday party where the singer told him how he followed both his accounts and was truly inspired by him. Later on that evening, Nicky Jam asked for his advice on how to grow his following and how he can run his account more efficiently. Jose gave him advice and realized that his company has grown so much over the years.

Up till now, his company has managed to launch campaigns for artists who want their music to instantly gain popularity in all social media platforms. These campaigns focus mainly on the genre, budget, and target audience. One of the very successful campaigns that he is proud of is about the very famous song named Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. He played a major role in making it go viral on all social media platforms and to this date it is the most-watched video on YouTube.

Before building his massive empire on social media he almost gave up on his dreams. After losing his earlier job, Jose felt like he was going backward. He had plans to buy his dream house, but little did he know there was something greater waiting for him. His vast knowledge about the marketing industry and his interest in managing social media accounts made him famous among other social media influencers. Without him and his company, many social media influencers wouldn’t know how to run their accounts. He builds accounts from scratch and gives them an audience to connect with. 

It is quite impressive to know how quickly he adjusted from being a sales manager to being a social media consultant. From almost giving up to getting back on his feet, it is truly inspiring for people who just lost their jobs and don’t know what to do with their life. They should learn from Jose that there is always something waiting for them. 

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