Chanel Jeon (@chanelogy)


The business world is now seeing a rise in the number of women in leadership positions. Chanel Jeon is one such businesswoman who has made a name for herself in the business world. Chanel owns two bubble tea stores in Skokie and Niles, Illinois. She successfully opened a second location in 1.5 years of opening the first location. The first location was opened with the support of the Village of Skokie.

Chanel was born in South Korea but grew up in Chicago. She was able to experience two very different cultures. Soon, she decided to venture out into the world by studying abroad in Oxford where she had the experience of a lifetime that helped widen her horizons. This planted the seed in her love for traveling and eating. After graduating, she decided to travel to Asia and visited 14 different countries. She was a teacher by profession but soon decided to make a major career shift. After discussing it with her family, she started a bubble tea business in Skokie, Illinois, which was something she had always wanted to try. It was totally different from what she majored in and what she did for the past four years, but she never regretted her decision of switching to business. Being at the cross lines of major career shifts was not easy at all; especially, leaving a field she was familiar with and entering one in which she had little to no experience. It is still a learning process for Chanel and if there was one thing that gave her a strong confirmation in starting something new was due to the experiences she had while living abroad.

Chanel fell in love with bubble tea while traveling in Asia. Her love for bubble tea-inspired her to open a new store in Skokie called TeaRex, which specialized in bubble teas and waffles. She wanted to introduce her favorite beverage in the area and successfully managed to do so. For the purpose of opening a café, she was able to get a grant from The Skokie Village Board. Her café doesn’t only offer a variety of bubble tea but also offers various kinds of waffles. After the successful run of her café in Skokie, Chanel realized the potential of opening a business exclusive to bubble tea and waffles. Within the next 2 years, she was able to open another café in Niles, Illinois. Chanel hopes to turn her business into a chain of cafes around the country. Her café has been appreciated by the locals as she introduces them to a new beverage that is not only trendy but also very tasty. She has successfully made a name for herself in the business world as a woman in a leadership position.


Apart from running a very successful business, Chanel is known to be the expert in amazing food and photography locations, among her friends and family. She loves sharing information about all the places she has been to and shares all the fantastic foods she has had in so many different countries with people who are intending to travel. A lot of people ask her for recommendations when they travel, especially to Asia. She has also made her own hashtags to sort out each country’s attraction and food pictures (e.g. #chanelogyxsingapore, #chanelogyxkorea). What sets her apart is that not only does she have pictures of food and amazing places, but she also includes footprints and relationships of people who’ve made traveling a breathtaking experience. Her brand is not only to get “pretty” pictures out into the world but that with each picture, there are stories, human relationships, and experiences beautifully recorded alongside these places. People can follow her on Instagram at @chanelogy.

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