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Roy Senior is a 28-year-old recording artist Manager, International music producer, and the CEO of FadaRoy Muzik LLC and FadaRoy Digital Distribution. He was born in the cool parish of Manchester located in west-central Jamaica and then moved to California to turn his vision into reality. His love for music started at an early age and since then he has worked his way up to meet his goals of becoming a great musician. 

Growing up in a town called Mandeville in Manchester and attending Holmwood Technical High his peers helped him become the person he is today. They helped FadaRoy mould into a person that could face any obstacle life puts in his way. Apart from his peers, Roy’s Uncle also played a major role in polishing him as a person. On their car rides to school, his uncle would play him all sorts of music and that grabbed his interest. Continuously enhancing his knowledge and learning more about music production, Roy decided to put his knowledge to good use and start producing music of his own. He realized his love for music outweighed anything he has ever loved. Turning his love into a passion he decided to pursue it as a career.

Up till now, FadaRoy has managed to work with many artists that made their impact on the music industry. Some of these artists include Shawn Storm, TeeJay, Gage, Khaago, Lisa Hyper, SottoBless, Merciless, Marlon Samuels, and more. There are a number of songs with these mainstream dance hall stars like Beauty & Beast, Wealthy, Treasure, Vacation, Afro Wine, Lazor Sharp, Stress-Free, Rose Rice Riddim, Loyal Soldier, Injustice, Joke Badness, and countless more. All these songs are available on all music platforms and they have managed to get hundreds and thousands of streams per song especially songs like Stress-Free, Maggie Sqeeze, Know Mi that is the top songs on his Apple Music page. His company continues to produce new music and work with the mainstream as well as new musicians.

The song Stress-Free by Gage also happens to become  FadaRoy’s first hit track that he produced that scored a spot on the Reggae Billboard with Lock In track 6 of the album Walk a Mile by Khago. On his Instagram page @fadaroy_muzik he promotes his business to his 20.6k followers by posting snippets of his music videos. Moreover, on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, he posts about his upcoming projects and motivates artists to get on their feet and start working towards their goals. On his YouTube page, his catchy song Clean every day has over five thousand views. In addition to this, on music platforms like SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Audiomack his songs are quite popular with a range of listeners. FadaRoy is planning to produce new songs with various artists and is working towards some new projects that will shed light on aspiring new talented artists in the music industry. 

Maintaining his focus and not getting disheartened by the hardships he faced, FadaRoy is on his way to greatness. His musical journey started with his Uncle introducing him to new music and since then it is only growing. Even though, he is a well-known music producer in his department of work he still thinks there is more room to evolve. His hard work and dedication towards his passion reflect on the things he has managed to do in a span of few years. He wants to convey a message to his followers and supporters to believe in themselves and stay safe during the crisis the world is facing at the moment. He wants to inspire aspiring artists to become the best version of them and to stay devoted to their dreams.

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