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Everyone loves their surroundings tidied up and organized but when it comes to the dressing table, make-up products, more often than not, spell clutter for days, even for the most fastidious of individuals. Problems faced by most who dabble in make-up, Nahia Ahmd found herself in the same spot. She then went online to find make-up storage containers, only to be disappointed by their cheap quality and depressing aesthetics and thus was the beginning of

With the main focus on improving not only the aesthetics but also the quality of the products already available in the market, Nahia Ahmd assures her customers of utilizing the “best high-end,  brand name acrylic in the business with a greater opacity level.” Her products have a diamond polish finish and a four-month rigorous testing period. Customers can be guaranteed that they will receive more than what they pay for. The clear glass organizers help provide a sense of inner peace while you stare at your organized make-up space furthermore it also helps adds personality to your cosmetic wardrobe.

However, it just does not stop there. Committed to upping the current make-up organizing game, NEAT provides a wide array of exclusive, non-clunky display sets, designed specifically to one’s needs. From plexiglass drawers with elegant knobs (not only pretty for the sake of it but purposeful for those with a slippery grip) to fancy, highly compartmentalized brush and lipstick containers, they have it all.

Manufactured and sold directly from Lebanon, NEAT is proud to be considered a high-end brand, delivering its customers with only the crème-de-la-crème of their production. Going through several parts to reduce the incidence of bubbles forming inside the acrylic (something frequently found in third-rate faux products) and hiring the most seasoned of assemblers to glue together the individual pieces (rather than the clumsy molding process preferred by counterfeit companies). NEAT is a brand determined to provide excellence to its customers.

A brand oozing with quality, it comes as no surprise then, that NEAT has a strong base of supporters on Instagram, having a hefty following of about 24 thousand. With an eye for luxury, the brand can be seen to proudly centralize purple as their color as seen on their social media. One worthy of what the brand holds dearest – its unmistakable vibe of royalty, the ingenious creativity put into the formation of every product, and its dedication to maintaining its dignity via superb quality control.

Taking about quality control, NEAT prides its self in extending this power to the people by forwarding their formulaic cleaning polish aptly named “Novus Polish”. Plexiglass is a standout choice for luxury products as not only is it durable, shiny, and extravagant in every way but also shatter-proof, entirely adaptable, and considerably straightforward to use. When cleaning your make-up containers, NEAT advises its customers to first apply a generous amount of plastic cleaner to safely remove surface dirt and dust before moving on to using the NOVUS Polish to clear away scratch marks. NEAT further strongly advises its customers to utilize a microfiber cloth to clean the plexiglass products and at all costs avoid using window and surface clears as they are prone to further damaging the product and reducing its shelf life.


Nahia is no stranger to hard work and dedication, launching a start-up and becoming a successful business woman all through her strong passion and raw energy. It is because of this that her efforts are greatly recognized; she knows what goes into the making and delivering of her products and thus is grateful to those that voice their satisfaction to her. Either through email or via reviews on her website, Nahia is sure to read through every one of her customer’s appreciation. Acting as one of the greatest motivators for NEAT and one of the primary forces that keep Nahia going, making her strive to do better for her customers every day of the year.

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