Luke McClounan (@isthatclue)


Hip hop is one of the fastest-growing genres of music in terms of popularity. The genre is famous for its serious tone and lyrics. Usually, hip hop songs are based on the struggles and hardships faced by people in society. When thinking of hip hop, the mind does not instantly travel to comedy. These are two art forms that just don’t go hand in hand. However, this extremely talented individual has managed to mesh these two seemingly opposite forms of art into one.  Luke McClounan has taken an outlandish approach to hip hop by making it comical. Luke has always loved comedy, ever since he was a child Luke has admired and idolized comedians like Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. Luke grew up listening to hip hop and considers famous American rapper Lil Dickie to be one of the biggest inspirations for his own career. 

Luke McClounan – more famously known as  Clue –  is an aspiring hip hop artist making strides in the Australian underground rap community. When he was 12 McCLounan decided he wanted to be a rapper. However, Clue decided to take an unconventional route with his career. He not only wanted to put out a message through his music, he also wanted to lift people’s spirits up. This is exactly why he meshed both of his passions – comedy and hip hop – into one. Over the years, Clue has managed to garner a large following through his untraditional approach to hip hop. His unique style is what makes him stand out amongst the crowd in the oversaturated Melbourne hip hop scene. Luke has an extraordinary ability to tell stories in a comical manner through his music. He uses his comic skills to make satirical comments about the music industry and its artificiality in his songs. He mocks how only certain songs with a similar sound can make it to the radio and how difficult it is to make a name for yourself in this harsh industry. Clue continues to push the boundaries of his creative ability to make so many different elements work together in a single coherent piece of music is undoubtedly impressive.

Luke McClounan’s extraordinary work ethic has allowed him to break through the brass ceiling and make a name for himself in the world of music. Clue has seen great success since starting his journey. His talent has given him the incredible opportunity to make an appearance in the Netflix comedy hit “Rostered On”. Through his applaudable dedication Clue has been able to gain the confidence of Australian hip hop legends such as Seth Sentry Drapht, Spit Syndicate, and Illy. Touring with such industry giants has allowed Clue to build a large and dedicated fan base. Luke has also garnered the attention of international heavyweights such as Obie Trice, Futuristic, Merkules, Madchild, and Chris Webby. Very recently, Clue has managed to land a spot on Spotify’s Local Hype playlist. He was also featured on Apple Music’s Study Beats’ playlist. Having managed to gain such huge accolades in such a short time period, the future looks as bright as ever for this talented individual. Through his passion and consistency, Luke stands out as one of the most reputable young up and comers from Australia. Luke McClounan’s debut Extended Play “As Seen On TV” was a nationwide success. The EP is a combination of hard rap and comedy where Clue showcases his talent for manipulating genres which helped him sell out multiple venues for his debut headline tour in 2019. 

Clue’s witty lyrics and melodic rapping have allowed him to pave his own path in the world of music. McClounan’s zaniness and peculiar style have propelled his career to unimaginable heights. His uniqueness sets him apart from the competition and gives him an edge over his peers. His story of success is evidence that it’s important to embrace our differences in order to stand out from the crowd. The clue is truly an inspiration for generations of artists to come. You can keep up with McClounan’s musical journey by following his Instagram @isthatclue.

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