Lama Aggad (


Television has been the biggest source of entertainment for many people. People watch various shows for different purposes. Among these shows, talk shows are very popular. Talk shows are structured around spontaneous conversations discussing various, trending topics. The talk shows are conducted by a host who acts as the main presenter and the central element of the show. These hosts provide the audience with a stable and identifiable person that they could relate to. On the show, the host performs many duties and may act as either an interviewer, an educator, and even a mediator. Lama Aggad is one such host who has made it big in the media industry. She is the producer and the host of the largest Canadian Arabic TV show that airs weekly on Omni and Omni 2 national television channels across Canada. 

Lama had always been interested in media and TV presenting, however, computing and programming had always been her passion. She decided to pursue a career in the computing field, however, in December 2009, she was laid off from her permanent job as SITA. After getting laid off, Lama was confused as to what to do next. She had never considered a career in the media industry. However, she decided to try her luck there since the industry provided her with the opportunity to be her boss and not to risk her career’s fate in the hands of any company. Lama pursued certifications in media presenting and talk shows. After gaining the certificates, she started volunteering for two years in a community program on Omni National Television in Toronto. Her volunteer-ship eventually led her to become the sole owner of Lama TV show on Omni and Omni 2 national television channels across Canada. She has now been in the field for 10 years. Her show is watched all across the country. 

Lama’s show is also called ‘Lama’. It is a social, entertaining TV show that aims to create a bridge between Arabs in Canada and Arabs in the Middle East. It also provides a forum for people to Connect, Inform, and Inspire one another across Canada. The show includes 1-on-1 interviews with professionals, entrepreneurs, celebrities, public & political figures discussing subjects that are related to the Canadian Arab interests. As-well it includes highlights on Canadian local community events and news. The show has been on the air for the past 8 years and is licensed from the CRTC. The show has also been featured on many national television channels such as Al-Arabiyah and MBC television channels in UAE Dubai, Rogers TV, Dolce Magazine, and Vancouver observer in Canada. With her show, Lama has proved her excellent communication skills and strong public speaking skills. She is now the most recognized person in the Canadian Arabic community in Canada. Her fame has reached to the point where people like  PM Justin Trudeau and former first gay Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne have advertised on her show to reach out to the Canadian Arabic community during the Canadian elections. 

Lama had arrived in Canada as an immigrant and has lived there for more than 18 years. She attributes most of her success to the country stating that being a Canadian is the reason why she has become the person that she is today. She is grateful to have been accepted by the country and community. 

Lama is also pretty active on Instagram. She often shares snippets and teasers from her upcoming shows to create hype among the viewers. Not only this, but she also lets people into her personal life by showing her friends and family. People can follow her on Instagram @lama.TV.

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