Kenneth Scheriff (@saintscheriffmusic)


Kenneth Scheriff is a resident of Long Island, New York. Also famously known as ”Saint Sheriff”, he has travelled the world acquiring great experience and a name in the world of DJs and record producers. Kenneth is an artist, with a taste for different genres. The new album hope stands as an example, as it has many versions of EDM and synth-pop sounds.

His music is optimistic and upbeat with the lyrics of songs always inspirational enough to make your mood better. If someone is feeling upset and in distress, his songs are the best way to infuse a cheerful uplifting dose in themselves. “Hope”, his latest work promotes the concept of staying strong even during the hardest times in your life. His work specializes in music styles that are from the house and dance genre. The genre that is also best suited to switch up anyone’s mood upwards towards betterment. He believes that the energy one gives into producing music, is the same energy that is received by the audience. Thus, if one wants people to be more at peace and free, the same vibe will be found in the energy of the track.  

At only the young age of 24, Kenneth has travelled all around the globe performing as a DJ in many clubs. “The Scheriff’s In Town” is a radio show build by Kenneth himself. The show is the reflection of his journey and knowledge from travelling and producing work that inspires more people. He regards his work as a platform for people to connect and preserve his vision and pass it on to the world. The radio show is the way Kenneth has continued producing his music into the world. During 2020, he has released songs and hosts show every week to keep flowing the positive energy amongst his listeners. Social media is the largest platform to connect with other people. As a record producer, Kenneth is on all mediums such as Instagram, Apple Music, YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify. The growing influence on Spotify sets the future bright for his plans for his music production. Although, he does not yet have a verification his career is still booming drastically over the years.

When we imagine a personality like Kenneth, one must often wonder how they reached this place. The progress of finding a passion, gaining more skills, and turning into a career is not easy. This leads us to see Kenneth’s journey from the start and how it brought him to a position of such success. He began his performances after inspiration from a DJ during a wedding of a relative. His cousin pursued the same career, and by watching him he started practising the art of DJs as well. This profession opened many opportunities for him. Many companies worked with him, and he gained a lot of contacts in the industry as his name became more popular and in-demand at events. He was present at 700 events while working with these companies. The events included weddings, corporate dinners, mitzvahs, and even birthday celebrations. “On The Rise” was Kenneth’s first record song, and this song helped his career as it was played in Stage 48, Pacha New York, and nightclubs everywhere. It was his high school dream to be a music producer and Wolfrage Recordings made it come true. They were the first recording label he worked with that established his experience in making original music. He started opening for many artists that increased his performances and skills in nightclubs. He was the opening act for Juicy M, Hardwell, and Dyro inducing many others. Kenneth further improved his expertise by joining college. He enrolled in Garnish Music Production School and this became a gateway for him to learn more about the industry, and find new inspirational artists that produce music.

Kenneth is an artist and producer with many future endeavours. He has already worked with talented artists ranging from Italy, Sweden to the country of Georgia. Saintscherif has made a prominent face in the industry and will continue to grow. If you want to check his work, then do follow him on his Instagram account (@saintscheriffmusic).

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